S.C.A.T. – Supreme Creator of Artistic Technology

Creative University of Earthlings

February 24, 2014

Matthew Johnson


S.C.A.T.  – Supreme Creator of Artistic Technology


Welcome to Earth, you divine Earthling sculptures of solar artistic creativity. I am your cosmic classmate, Matthew Johnson, here with my paper introductory response about the supreme source of creativity, the S.C.A.T. Ruling and reigning over our lives, our atmosphere, and existence that makes this physically finite planet just what we have made it out to be.


Shouldn’t we praise the SCAT of being able to be alive on this planet and being able to have and understand this existence under the stars of cosmic governing? I believe so. From all walks of life that cover this planet. We all share in that creativity, that one energy of love.


Every Earthling of Earth is like a new technological device for the planet when they are born. For electronics, they all are made up of the same components, for that specific model, but the ways and operation of what we Earthlings can do with this device varies on the person using it. We humans are all artistic devices for the Creator, and we should find what it is what we are designed to do as a cosmically divine piece of artistic technology.








[URGENT] Message from the Art Dept.

Creative University of Earthlings

February 22, 2014

CUE Art Department



NAME News / Creative University of Earthlings Art Department


It seems that our recent offer of free merchandise that we passed around the campus prior to Valentine’s Day was a bit uncomfortable for a select group of Earthlings, and the Art Department of CUE deeply apologizes for any actions or situations that this particular group felt, no matter how childish or immature the act was implemented.

If you are looking for further information regarding any incident, please refer to your Human Resources department for information.


Thank you.


CUE Art Department

Lovers Luggage Division





Imagination + Inspiration = Imitation?

Creative University of Earthlings
February 22, 2014
Matthew Johnson
Imagination + Inspiration = Imitation?
Look around you, my cosmic brothers and sisters of this wonderful planet. YES, please, seriously, look around your immediate area right now. Do you see it? Do you see the mastery of art, its concepts, it’s symbolic representation of the times in which are divinely inspired?
Can you feel that light around your eyes grab the attention of the colors that are placed before you? Can you smell the wear and tear of sneakers, hampers, clothes, linen, hats, coats, scarves, and water bottles that have formed the aroma that makes your location what it is to you?
Every day within this divine existence of Earthling interaction and innovation, we are dreaming and creating a world off of the PURE gift of imagination. Stop doubting it, you know you look up to someone who is either very passionate about their work, very skilled, or both in the aims to use that template to do what with it?
Welcome to the social networking web of imitated conversation.
For me, I adore the prime existence that is responsible for this planet, this galaxy, this ENTIRE universe of beings – known and unknown. The Earth, for being the womb of the solar dance floor and rocking with the Sunlight of energy and warmth – from very far away, but still doing his thing.
Is creativity simply this formula for having a purpose to ‘be’ within this physically finite planet? Using the mind that is meant to move what we see, imitating an event that we ponder and evaluate, and call it creativity?
Imagination and inspiration, a divine formula of imitated artistry.

#C.U.E. Imagination: Your Ticket to the E(art)h Show

#C.U.E. Imagination: Your Ticket to the E(art)h Show

Creative University of Earthlings
February 17, 2014

Matthew Johnson

Imagination: Your Ticket to the E(art)h Show

Welcome to Planet Earth, you cosmic Earthling of this solar System, of this existing universe. I am your cosmic classmate, Matthew Johnson, here to share with you a bit of my imagination about our solar sunroof of life and existence within this planet and universe.

When you and I were born, we were granted the admission of life to be a part of this show we dubbed, Earth. Once we were born, the stamps were administered and we began to wonder and attempt to put together this existence that we are a part of to better understanding for ourselves, and others around us.

When your biological-Earthling mother conceived your existence from her physical self (the womb) the stars that direct this play of life has just been introduced to their (potential) next starring aid for this planet. Like Sly Stone told us, “everybody is a star”, and no matter if you are an extra behind the scenes of this Earth show, or holding down lead roles, you are a part of this Earth show for a reason, brought in by the Creator. But, for what reason?
WELLLLL, that is between you and the private sessions you hold with the Creator as you grow, evolve, and mature as an Earthling of this planet.

I pray everyone finds their script for natural connection, because we (as a collective cast of Earthlings) have been disconnected from the directive spirit for far too long.

#C.U.E. A Human Seed: Cosmic Seed to Seek the Light

#C.U.E. A Human Seed: Cosmic Seed to Seek the Light

Creative University of Earthlings
February 16, 2014

Matthew Johnson

A Human Seed: Cosmic Seed to Seek the Light

The quote above is from Sandra Kring, and it reads,

“The Tiny seed knew that in order to grow, it needed to be dropped in dirt, covered by darkness, and struggle to reach the Light”.

No matter what your race, region, religion, or relation is to this Earth, in your given present situation of existence on this planet Earth, inside of this cosmic universe, you and only you can truly find that inspirational spark of Light – the knowing of the true environment that we are divinely a part of. Directed by the Universal Creator, every single human existence on this planet was “dropped” into this planet of darkness, and we must all find our own paths of Light directed appreciation for WHATEVER deity you praise, in order to truly appreciate this cosmic art piece that we are living inside of, known as Mother Earth.

Personally, I have found an avenue of Light through my research filled evenings of reading philosophy (during college) and drawing what I truly felt and what I thought about at the time during those moments of my reading. The concept of curiosity and questioning was always present, ever since I was a student and really wanting to understand what all of this means. This took me through looking at the world from several viewpoints (religions) and I personally found that they share in the belief of THE ultimate presence the rules this universe. Just with different titles.

What I have understood, or think what is to understand, is that we humans all share the same spirit, of this one planet, under the one sun, within this one universe. It is our own species that is dividing the route of the spiritual collective away from one human to another. Dividing more and more everyday around us within this planet, all while we play god within the man-made world of technology that is grouped as synchronized systems of compatibility, we have yet to see ourselves as merely technological devices of natural synchronization of the Creator for this Earth.

Faith in the Impossible #C.U.E.

Creative University of Earthlings
February 11, 2014

Matthew Johnson

Faith in the Impossible

(The Pursuit of Peace for our Planets Future, Environment, and the Common Start of it all)

Faith is described as by the Webster’s New World Dictionary, as, “unquestioning belief, complete trust or confidence, loyalty”, just to name a few. So what does this idea of “faith in the impossible” mean to me in our present generation of information and knowing how to do things through knowing how things work?

Well, let me first start off with the idea that human beings are a part of a collective, (We will not call it ‘family’, for the sake of this idea – even though we are, a planet full of inbred animals) a collective that is ruled, reigned and dependant on the items and entities around us, and above us.

The Earthling collective all needs light, food, water and proper nutrients to survive on this planet, because without them, these collective beings would not survive on this cosmic rock. The natural habitat that we, Earthlings, have been so used to living upon and attempting to master, maintain, manipulate, and market goes for every single human that is of this materialistic existence. The sheer act of intelligent evolution of human beings, belonging to something greater than ourselves that has combined us within this planet of abundance is absolutely awesome.

I have no doubt within my heart, mind, and soul that this planet is meant to live and strive in a completely different operation of the present human situation. One that will forever be looked at as crazy, ungodly, foolishly, malignant, imaginary, and my personal favorite, “out of this world”. The mental condition of having our planet function and operate on a global collective account, that has no need to build up walls, barriers, knowledge blocking agents, or cultural rivalry. Within this planet of collective consciousness, the nations of this present planet recognize the “collection” of humans that make up this planet, from all walks, who are all guided by the ONE Creative spirit that governs EVERY nation of EVERY land.

The classrooms will be the center of imagination, the epicenter of innovative ideas, the building block to the future of prosperity of the mind and the abundant love of knowledge for the spirit. All while every child, man and woman, no matter their race, or region, will share in the common unity, love, and spirit that is the Creative spirit. The Spirit that will define lasting generations to be awesome, to be outrageously amazing in their studies. Art, science, mathematics, philosophy, the environment, the planet Earth, the Universe, these are all positive and powerful motives for expanding and creating better solutions for tomorrow.

The present state I see my planet in, is one that is lost is the act of wavering tactics of spiritual warfare, while neglecting the art of spiritual communion that our Prime Creator has artistically manifested for our idea f beauty, love, and unity.
No matter the religion that you follow, the creative spirit is the future of tomorrow.

This, this is not impossible.