C.U.E. History – Divided, Now Conquer!

Creative University of Earthlings

February 26, 2014

Matthew Johnson



I was never taught NOR brought up throughout all of my years in public and private schooling, just how important the planet, ourselves as humans, and the stars above are important to us as a whole on this ONE planet.



It really takes long nights from you, trying to understand what “this” is. This massive planet, full of games, charades, and all that stuff that it takes to rule a planet within specific region.


Now, humans walk / roam / travel along this planet just as the rest, breathing the air, smelling Mother Nature’s hair and dew-like scent, viewing her beauty and majestic landscapes and panoramic photos, why were never taught that my brothers and sisters of this planet are just as important as the fellow people I see before me? Just as important as the grass and the flowers? The little tiny insect that is sitting on a leaf 50,000x magnified under a microscope?


I never looked at this planet as a family unit, which is what we are, but I really wonder just how this planet would be today, if the world powers that be, the educational systems, the cultural organizers, and spiritual giants truly shared in this idea of humans are apart of a divine invention, of a power that is controlled by energy beyond our (current) understanding. An understanding that is shared and made known throughout all lands and the minds that roam them. We share science – the art of understanding our Creator’s foundation of formation, why not share the dream of creating a beautiful planet filled with beautiful, imaginative minds for an even better and brighter future for your children’s future sake?


But, as you look around, division for conquer is the fuel of the planet.





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