S.C.A.T. – Supreme Creator of Artistic Technology

Creative University of Earthlings

February 24, 2014

Matthew Johnson


S.C.A.T.  – Supreme Creator of Artistic Technology


Welcome to Earth, you divine Earthling sculptures of solar artistic creativity. I am your cosmic classmate, Matthew Johnson, here with my paper introductory response about the supreme source of creativity, the S.C.A.T. Ruling and reigning over our lives, our atmosphere, and existence that makes this physically finite planet just what we have made it out to be.


Shouldn’t we praise the SCAT of being able to be alive on this planet and being able to have and understand this existence under the stars of cosmic governing? I believe so. From all walks of life that cover this planet. We all share in that creativity, that one energy of love.


Every Earthling of Earth is like a new technological device for the planet when they are born. For electronics, they all are made up of the same components, for that specific model, but the ways and operation of what we Earthlings can do with this device varies on the person using it. We humans are all artistic devices for the Creator, and we should find what it is what we are designed to do as a cosmically divine piece of artistic technology.








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