Imagination + Inspiration = Imitation?

Creative University of Earthlings
February 22, 2014
Matthew Johnson
Imagination + Inspiration = Imitation?
Look around you, my cosmic brothers and sisters of this wonderful planet. YES, please, seriously, look around your immediate area right now. Do you see it? Do you see the mastery of art, its concepts, it’s symbolic representation of the times in which are divinely inspired?
Can you feel that light around your eyes grab the attention of the colors that are placed before you? Can you smell the wear and tear of sneakers, hampers, clothes, linen, hats, coats, scarves, and water bottles that have formed the aroma that makes your location what it is to you?
Every day within this divine existence of Earthling interaction and innovation, we are dreaming and creating a world off of the PURE gift of imagination. Stop doubting it, you know you look up to someone who is either very passionate about their work, very skilled, or both in the aims to use that template to do what with it?
Welcome to the social networking web of imitated conversation.
For me, I adore the prime existence that is responsible for this planet, this galaxy, this ENTIRE universe of beings – known and unknown. The Earth, for being the womb of the solar dance floor and rocking with the Sunlight of energy and warmth – from very far away, but still doing his thing.
Is creativity simply this formula for having a purpose to ‘be’ within this physically finite planet? Using the mind that is meant to move what we see, imitating an event that we ponder and evaluate, and call it creativity?
Imagination and inspiration, a divine formula of imitated artistry.

2 thoughts on “Imagination + Inspiration = Imitation?

  1. Yes, I do think creativity is a divine expression, expressed through poetry, painting, drama, dance, music and nature, plus many other things!

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