#C.U.E. Imagination: Your Ticket to the E(art)h Show

#C.U.E. Imagination: Your Ticket to the E(art)h Show

Creative University of Earthlings
February 17, 2014

Matthew Johnson

Imagination: Your Ticket to the E(art)h Show

Welcome to Planet Earth, you cosmic Earthling of this solar System, of this existing universe. I am your cosmic classmate, Matthew Johnson, here to share with you a bit of my imagination about our solar sunroof of life and existence within this planet and universe.

When you and I were born, we were granted the admission of life to be a part of this show we dubbed, Earth. Once we were born, the stamps were administered and we began to wonder and attempt to put together this existence that we are a part of to better understanding for ourselves, and others around us.

When your biological-Earthling mother conceived your existence from her physical self (the womb) the stars that direct this play of life has just been introduced to their (potential) next starring aid for this planet. Like Sly Stone told us, “everybody is a star”, and no matter if you are an extra behind the scenes of this Earth show, or holding down lead roles, you are a part of this Earth show for a reason, brought in by the Creator. But, for what reason?
WELLLLL, that is between you and the private sessions you hold with the Creator as you grow, evolve, and mature as an Earthling of this planet.

I pray everyone finds their script for natural connection, because we (as a collective cast of Earthlings) have been disconnected from the directive spirit for far too long.


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