#C.U.E. A Human Seed: Cosmic Seed to Seek the Light

#C.U.E. A Human Seed: Cosmic Seed to Seek the Light

Creative University of Earthlings
February 16, 2014

Matthew Johnson

A Human Seed: Cosmic Seed to Seek the Light

The quote above is from Sandra Kring, and it reads,

“The Tiny seed knew that in order to grow, it needed to be dropped in dirt, covered by darkness, and struggle to reach the Light”.

No matter what your race, region, religion, or relation is to this Earth, in your given present situation of existence on this planet Earth, inside of this cosmic universe, you and only you can truly find that inspirational spark of Light – the knowing of the true environment that we are divinely a part of. Directed by the Universal Creator, every single human existence on this planet was “dropped” into this planet of darkness, and we must all find our own paths of Light directed appreciation for WHATEVER deity you praise, in order to truly appreciate this cosmic art piece that we are living inside of, known as Mother Earth.

Personally, I have found an avenue of Light through my research filled evenings of reading philosophy (during college) and drawing what I truly felt and what I thought about at the time during those moments of my reading. The concept of curiosity and questioning was always present, ever since I was a student and really wanting to understand what all of this means. This took me through looking at the world from several viewpoints (religions) and I personally found that they share in the belief of THE ultimate presence the rules this universe. Just with different titles.

What I have understood, or think what is to understand, is that we humans all share the same spirit, of this one planet, under the one sun, within this one universe. It is our own species that is dividing the route of the spiritual collective away from one human to another. Dividing more and more everyday around us within this planet, all while we play god within the man-made world of technology that is grouped as synchronized systems of compatibility, we have yet to see ourselves as merely technological devices of natural synchronization of the Creator for this Earth.


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