C.U.E. History – Divided, Now Conquer!

Creative University of Earthlings

February 26, 2014

Matthew Johnson



I was never taught NOR brought up throughout all of my years in public and private schooling, just how important the planet, ourselves as humans, and the stars above are important to us as a whole on this ONE planet.



It really takes long nights from you, trying to understand what “this” is. This massive planet, full of games, charades, and all that stuff that it takes to rule a planet within specific region.


Now, humans walk / roam / travel along this planet just as the rest, breathing the air, smelling Mother Nature’s hair and dew-like scent, viewing her beauty and majestic landscapes and panoramic photos, why were never taught that my brothers and sisters of this planet are just as important as the fellow people I see before me? Just as important as the grass and the flowers? The little tiny insect that is sitting on a leaf 50,000x magnified under a microscope?


I never looked at this planet as a family unit, which is what we are, but I really wonder just how this planet would be today, if the world powers that be, the educational systems, the cultural organizers, and spiritual giants truly shared in this idea of humans are apart of a divine invention, of a power that is controlled by energy beyond our (current) understanding. An understanding that is shared and made known throughout all lands and the minds that roam them. We share science – the art of understanding our Creator’s foundation of formation, why not share the dream of creating a beautiful planet filled with beautiful, imaginative minds for an even better and brighter future for your children’s future sake?


But, as you look around, division for conquer is the fuel of the planet.







Why is it that the world must destroy itself over this concept of supreme control? Every nation around the world is apart of this planet, THIS ONE PLANET – no matter what the label is, black, white, yellow, red, east coast, west coast, Jew, Christian – it is just funny to me, that we NEVER come together (at all) and appreciate this existence on this planet, that we all share, by whatever source of energy that is flowing universally through our veins.

Forever Earthling

I do not care what religion you label yourself as, because that is what they are doing, labeling us for division.


Way to go. Yes, these “texts” have been said to go WAYY back, but damn, they cannot tell us “why” Earth was made though. Only through science and discovery of what this planet TRULY IS, is how we determine and define these “texts”.


They can tell you how to hate your neighbor and shun away the weird though, right? Long, long his-story of dividing and conquering at its finest.

Way to go!   – –  (SARCASM)



“Forever Earthling”.

#C.U.E – Religion: Congregating or Separating?

Creative University of Earthlings
February 24, 2014
Matthew Johnson
Religion – Congregating or Separating?
My generation is living in the age of information and technology, a vast and rapid movement of how we see, use, utilize, maximize, conserve, and sustain this planet that we all share, no matter where one may travel to.
I ask of you, Lords of Liberty, to look at this planet a bit differently, out of the confined boxes and cubes that have shaped this planet for many centuries that has separated my brothers from brothers and sisters from sisters.
Some of us do not see the need to be money hungry, wasteful, and to be animals of destruction on a divine planet that is forever flourishing for our own sake – mentally, physically and spiritually.
We battle over deities that await us once our spirit have progressed within whatever realm our spirit dwells in when it is no longer roaming and creating on this planet. But, if this realm does exist, all of us earthlings will be dwelling in the same area (just as Earth) when – or if – this happens in the act of afterlife, “on Earth, as it is in Heaven” right?
So, my Dear Lords of Liberty, I say to you, Earthlings of this planet are all brothers and sisters of divine inbreeding, an act that only means that no matter where we are, we are all divinely connected, through blood, through spirit, and through cosmic properties that were here before we even thought of these ideals of dudes that reign over lives in their respected regions.
We need something, a meeting, a conference, an international conference call of Spiritual Sponsors of the Divine, who believe in the creation of this planet. We can all it, The Spiritual Summit, minds to understand ourselves, our situation, and our background regarding this planet and the divine existence that rules this cosmic show as a whole.
No matter your race, region, religion, or relation, we all share in the creative gift that created this existence, and we should no longer separate ourselves for this idea.
Creator bless you all, my cosmic interplanetary brothers and sisters.

#C.U.E. – Lords of Liberty

Creative University of Earthlings

February 24, 2014

Matthew Johnson


Lords of Liberty


Who are these dudes and dudettes?

The Lords of Liberty are that force that knows before it knows. They have tabs of knowledge and the science that slowly mastered our lives within this cosmic planet. The ultimate Lords.

The do their thing as they see fit, to rule and reign over the lives of many, not because they want to, but because they have to.

It is a tough j.o.b. and many may not being to handle the pen of authority, but someone has to write his-story.

Thank you Creator of existence for the invite to this cosmic planet of existence, surrounded with nature, her beauty, and her expertise of artistry, imitated by man-made things under the light of wireless energy, love, and understanding.

Bless my brothers and sisters of this planet, and the Lords of Liberty (Creative assistants) that follow in your cosmic blueprints and spreadsheets.


One Love, One planet.






C.U.E. Art Department Special Offer

C.U.E. Art Department Special Offer

Creative University of Earthling
Arts Dept.

February 24, 2014

Dear Earthling Parents with Earthling Children,

We here at CUE know how hard it is to get your child to be more excited about learning and education, especially while at home around the various distractions that are youth face.

With this free promotional offer, we are inviting YOU to get Bugged!

The characters of the English alphabet have been created into these animated insects of the Kingdom Sun world, for getting your child more interested and excited about wanting to learn, and have fun with you in the process.

Here are a few ideas we have put together for the art of adventure for the whole family to enjoy:

The Bug Catcher:** Simply place the bugs around the home, in various places, and have the child find, write the bug down, and think of 3* words that this bugs letter begins with.

Mix and Match:** Place letter along a wall and try to see how words can made using the letters on the wall.

Letter Labeling:** Have the bugs placed on items that begin with or have an association with the bugs letter. (For example, the ‘telephone’ would have the bug letter “T” on it)

Vowel Pal:** Make a list of words that require vowels to found and placed for completion. (TR_ _ N [train]

Mumbo Jumbo: ** You have your child lay out the first 8* letters they can find, and write out how many words they can make within 15* seconds just using these 8* selected cards.

If able, use the team factor with searching for words, or try adults versus the kids approach for an intense competition of family fun and learning.

The Links for printable download are listed below.

We hope you can enjoy these family learning adventures, or even create your own.

A-C: https://workspaces.acrobat.com/?d=PaTRRaaMZJoIS-NHHaYNcQ
D-G: https://workspaces.acrobat.com/?d=WRXEYqw0BCx5ncSboMApnQ
H-K: https://workspaces.acrobat.com/?d=JWAM-vfH6IRHRR0wTWKduw
L-O: https://workspaces.acrobat.com/?d=Q5S32kfrcrvfax498GG6ug
P-S: https://workspaces.acrobat.com/?d=2uiVPfNQVtm7vCuvpLOSLQ
T-W: https://workspaces.acrobat.com/?d=LRS2YCmBPU1x85jdrokV1Q
X-Z: https://workspaces.acrobat.com/?d=wMR1Zi6PMVFz3AOYissY9w

*All numbers and variables depend on your household and the current level of learning your child has adapted thus far.
**Remember, every child is different, and some adult guidance and supervision may be used in order for games to be ran and enjoyed smoothly.