Smarter Business. Lower Religious.

How in the WORLD do we expect to have this amazing “global economy”, global e-commerce system of smart business” and what not, when we cannot (I REPEAT, CANNOT) find common ground, a SOLID – foundation, to the idea of what it means to be children of the Earth, the sunlight’s divine creations on this planet? We want to be able to spread this idea of ‘everyone is sharing, improving, and finding solutions to innovate global strategies for marketing, business, and basically, MAKING MORE MONEY. But yet, we still have lands, countries, regions, even CITIES who are still up in arms over the idea of religious practices and the ways of these words.  To me, we need to start finding ways of common ground to better understand each other and our surroundings being on this ONE planet, guided by the ONE sunlight source of our existence. 


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