Pangaea 2.0

October 24, 2013

Article: Pangaea 2.0


I care about the proper grammar, punctuation and context of my words and what have you, but at this point in writing my thoughts, I am just going to write as I feel it, as if I was talking with you face to face without the use of written words. So, in that case, I ask for your apologizes for any mistakes in the follow response.     – NAME News.

This is NAME News, I am your reporter, Matthew Johnson


Our world was once a land that was physically one piece. Now, since we are a land of multiple locations, time zones, and seasons, we are still that ONE physical land our ancestors could have once knew, just in a different way of viewing it.

We are Pangaea 2.0. – a world connected through cables and clouds. There is no need to rush, push or shove, this message is presented to all Earthlings of Father Sun and Mother Earth.  Yes, we may look back and say, “it would have been AWESOME to drive from tip to tip of this awesome landscape our cosmic parents creatively-evolved, but now, we must make due with flying and floating to get out our ‘oversea’ brethren”.  Which is all cool. We just simply adapted to the world of our parents, and made due with what you see and hold before you today.

We all share the same Father and Mother of existence in this cosmic garden, and we once shared a massive land of soil. Just because we have split physically, does not mean we HAVE to split and divide mentally and spiritually.

Happy United Nations Day, Earthlings.


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