October 15, 2013

Article: Cosmic Companion Connection (Part 2) How the Earthlings of / on Planet Earth are Inbred’s


I care about the proper grammar, punctuation and context of my words and what have you, but at this point in writing my thoughts, I am just going to write as I feel it, as if I was talking with you face to face without the use of written words. So, in that case, I ask for your apologizes for any mistakes in the follow response.     – NAME News.

The Children of Cosmic Companionship: How the Earthlings of / on Planet Earth are Inbreds

Earth is all that we (humans) have in order to live and continue our existence on inside of this cosmic garden of intergalactic existence.  Through time of this existence, our cosmic parents – Mother Earth and Father Sun – have been in cosmic courtship and heat lamp style love making of creativity with one another. In this courtship, Father Sun has been presenting to the stars above just what he has the ability to create with the help, aid, and presence of his wife, Mother Earth – who is the cosmic canvas of creativity and consciousness of existence. 
As for Mother Earth, she is presenting back to Father Sun and stars above her love, openness, and the eager attitude to aid and sustain this love alongside her husband in every way possible that time takes them together.  They both are the creators of the Earthling human [Circle + Square = Triangle] of this intergalactic garden of existence.

“So where does this leave the human Earthling? Is this true, that Father Sun and Mother Earth are the cosmic parents of EVERY individual that roams this planet?” – Indeed it is true, Father Sun and Mother Earth are both the parents of individual existences – spanning from an extremely long ancestry of Earthling beings.

“So wait a minute, if we all (Earthlings) share a common Mother and Father of our physical existence, that means we are all related, right?” – Like brothers and sisters of this planetary garden, an intergalactic family of common ancestry with this existence.

“This cannot be so, how can we humans be ALL related through this Mother and Father existence of the cosmos?” – It is easy, from Intergalactic Inbreeding of Earth in the Cosmic Garden. This Earthling situation that roams, creates, and destroys within this planet as a known species are apart of this equation of inbreeding, from a continuous long line of rich history of mating, forced breeding, applied breeding, and marriage breeding that (can) go along with a courtship of a circle (Father) and a square (Mother)

With this idea, our entire civilization has been and could be traced back from a single starting point, if the proper tools, resources, and services were made available. Earth is one big family of multiple avenues of family branches, and some families today could be dating or possibly married into the same bloodline of our ancestors who roamed this planet before us. We may not be directly inbreeding with immediate family, but our bloodlines and rich history of our starting point as a human existence surely would think so. Inside of this planet that evolves within the Cosmic garden, humans are merely one existence of numerous branches connected by family liquids.
Intergalactic Inbreeding of the cosmic garden (e.g. Earth) has been the only reason for the continuous lineage of this human / Earthling race or species.  Our comic Mother and Father are the only reason for this existence, through thousand on top of thousands of years creating, evolving, and at times, destroying.

Our understanding of this existence is still young, growing, and flourishing, but more importantly, we have been attempting development into the world of “what can be” among our species.  Our Cosmic Mother and Father has been around in this intergalactic garden for billions of years. Creatively evolving this planet, well before we were imagined, since their first cosmic dance in what soon would turn out to be an intergalactic marriage of cosmic creators.

End of Part 2


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