Supreme Creat-olutionists of the Cosmos: Father Sun & Mother Earth

Sept. 24, 2013 
Article: Cosmic Parental Upbringing is a Continuous Operation
(Our Cosmic Parents Create and Evolve in Our Lives)

I care about the proper grammar, punctuation and context of my words and what have you, but at this point in writing my thoughts, I am just going to write as I feel it, as if I was talking with you face to face without the use of written words. So, in that case, I ask for your apologizes for any mistakes in the follow response.     – NAME News.
This is NAME News, I am your reporter, Matthew Johnson.
Father Sun and Mother Earth, the ORIGINAL” dancers among the stars, are happy to be where they are. Dancing around the cosmic dance floor of our existence, these two dancing parents have creatively evolved this existence that we humans manipulate and destroy. But, as we continue our Earthling ways of society and culture, they continue to spread love, spread energy, and share in the blossom of life that is creativity. 
With this creativity, they are not simply creating and just leaving. No ma’am, no sir. These two intergalactic parents are adding, taking away, updating, configuring, and working through the times of their relationship and creative operation. Evolution from their creative process.
This is a divine operation. Look around us. We Earthlings are born, then we grow up, into adults, and then we pass back into the Earth. If our parents wanted to leave things as they were, without evolving anything, would we even be here today? Would ANY of “this” be here today?
Team Supreme Creat-olutionists. Father Sun and Mother Earth. They win my vote.

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