When Creator Met Earth (A Cosmic Love Story)

When Creator Met Earth (A Cosmic Love Story)

Sept. 3, 2013

Article: When Creator Met Earth (A Cosmic Love Story)


I care about the proper grammar, punctuation and context of my words and what have you, but at this point in writing my thoughts, I am just going to write as I feel it, as if I was talking with you face to face without the use of written words. So, in that case, I ask for your apologizes for any mistakes in the follow response. – NAME News.

This is NAME News, I am your reporter, Matthew Johnson



Ok, enough shouting. I am just so excited to tell you about this latest finding I have about how we were born.

Ok, ok, ok, gather around, pull the screen closer to your view, and read in amazement.

It all started back in the cosmos (some of you may call this ‘the Heavens’) but, it all started back in the cosmos, when this extreme incident happened. Fact on the books remain that “something” happened.

Over the course of a long amount of time, their arose this, this, this “eye- squinting” something, and over the course of this existence, it only grew brighter…. and brighter.

Once this eye-squinting thing became too bright to watch, we notice from the depths of the shadows this PERFECT sphere circling this eye-squinting existence, and never breaks the cycle of circulation for quite some time.

Come to find out, this perfect sphere was called “Earth”, and she was MADLY in love with this eye-squinting being. As time passes on, Earth continues her circulation of attraction around the eye-squinting being, they began to date, marry, and started to produce ’children’. Now, the kids of Earth range from the grass growing, to the birds flying, to the elite rank of Earthling humans that have Divine powers on this Planet. But everything that is of this planet is the product of our Mother (e.g. Earth).

Since our Mother was so loyal, persistent, and consistent with her love of affection and attraction for this eye-squinting being, the eye-squinting being must be Mother Earth’s husband.

What a lucky dude to be, to watch and give love and energy to every crevice of her being, as they spin and twirl in the dark dancehall of the universe, the light that he shines is on her, and she embraces every moment he shares. In return, she is only in love with this light-bearing existence, the one thing that gives her what she is, a Mother to a beautiful plethora of creatures all in one place.

Currently, the couple has 7.4 billion Earthlings that roam the planet to date. They are still happy, loving, and stronger than ever after millions and millions of years of love, intimacy, disasters, and blessings.


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