July 30, 2013

Article: “The Religious Championship of the World”


I care about the proper grammar, punctuation and context of my words and what have you, but at this point in writing my thoughts, I am just going to write as I feel it, as if I was talking with you face to face without the use of written words. So, in that case, I ask for your apologizes for any mistakes in the follow response.     – NAME News.

This is NAME News, I am your reporter, Matthew Johnson.

Religion helped me to discover the bigger picture that is unfolding on my planet Earth. With that being said, I have no issue with the religions of this planet, that aid to guide Earthlings in a more spiritual and positive lifestyle in cooperation with the planet and fellow Earthlings of this planet.

But, I do think they are all fighting each other for the “Religious Championship Title of The World” within my planet.

Not being able to come together in the unison of a higher power that is in operation within this planet, the Sunlight of existence, and our ancient up-bringing that has led us here today, really seems to me that the planets religious sects are playing for some sort of title, an Earthly minded Championship of the Supreme religious Deity here on Earth.

From your gods, yahwehs, allahs, and your jahs, these mental stamps of Deity figures all represent the common idea of a better land, a better way to live, a rising of the perception of what it means to be an Earthling on Earth within this universe, right?

Personally, I see the universe differently, my planet differently, and my fellow Earthlings in a light that is truly a blessed one. No matter race, region, or relationship, our true religion is brother = sisterhood, a family, united by the light that is always burning for tomorrow.

An Earthling family.



  1. Too, too true. All of the bickering… it’s just way more political than I like. Is there a FOX News/CNN for religion? That may be a gajillion dollar idea, right there. Great post!

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