NAME Blog: Your Personal Creator and the P.P.P. of each Region of the Planet

July 9th 2013

Article: Your Creator Rules This Universe, It Is Your P, P, and P Who Determine How We See and Live Within It.

Jeneral Milwaukee


Every region on this planet has a specific set of rules, agendas, and protocols that one must remain loyal to depending on the region of occupancy. But, what does one do when the acts of protocol that are made out for the masses go against the natural grain of the Deity that reigns over that region?

The artform that is in place within nature of our world is hidden, a trait of the Deities that control the minds of millions on this planet who are not made aware of how POWERFUL and LIMITLESS their specific Creator really is. Even now, we have humans unaware of the morning star (the Mother Sun of the Cosmos) that guides, liberates, and enables our existence, but the philosophy behind this star and all of her heavenly glory is not mentioned, discussed, nor made aware.

Maybe the wise Chief was correct, that the personal pursuit of a life higher than your present situation will stay with you far more longer than if someone just told you about it over, and over, and over again. (Kind of like my position here at NAME)

The personal pursuit of your Creator, the boundaries of this existence that your creator created, and all of the natural operations are all intertwined into the praise, culture, and the overall plan of these Deities that Earthlings face on a day to day basis. Our cultures of the world derives on imitation of the Creator(s) of the world depending on regional status.

Ha. I am only going to listen sternly when the fact that these multiple Deities are all boiled down to a single identity, similar to how our world works. Televisions, entertainment consoles, beverages, realestate companies, our existence has these multi packages of different brands, but they ALL are serving the same thing in their final product. To your televisions, they all will pick up Saturdays game at 4 p.m. To the gaming consoles, they all make the same game, just different styles and controllers. To the water beverages you drink, they will ALL quench your thirst. To each real estate company, in the end, you are just looking to lay your head at night.

So, why can’t religions SEE that the praise they give up (to this single identity of our existence) day in and day out are all one in the same – the energy that flows throughout the sands of beaches, to the highest points on the mountain tops?

One day though, it is just a matter of time.


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