Stella’s Got Her Groove Back, Again

Stella's Got Her Groove Back, Again


July 7th, 2013

Article: Stella’s Got Her Groove Back, Again


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Solar powered car for the next generation family

Matthew Johnson

The idea of “Stella” getting her groove back again came from watching the video of a collective of students working on a family sized solar powered automobile. The Solar Team Eindhoven is an initiative of 20 students who set to build their solar car for the World Solar Challenge in Australia. Their background of intellectual disciplines vary within the Eindhoven University of Technology, but their collective goal was to design this family solar powered automobile, in which they have succeeded. Check out their prototype, Stella.

The fact that MANY online “critics” are so sad and crying over the appearance of this fascinating vehicle astounds me. This only goes to show that the collective imagination of certain corners of the world are not quite developed yet. By building and creating Stella, the world now sees that we have the potential to do great things within this planet, for helping this planet evolve, grow, and live as one with nature as the creatures of the planet ought to be.

NAME News applauds all of those pioneers around the world working for a better planet for the future.


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