America’s Earthlings, co-Creators, and The paradigm of Imitation

America’s Earthlings, co-Creators, and The paradigm of Imitation

NAME Blog – America’s Earthlings, co-Creators, and The paradigm of Imitation

July 5th, 2013

Matthew Johnson

The Earthling Paradigm

I feel that I have put together an aspect of the Earthling agenda, and I feel that it works. I just have to be brave enough to take this idea FULL THROTTLE, like I was working for Red Bull’s Adrenaline Team. As a “E” (Earthling) we are a collective family, no matter what you worship, your race, region, or relationship. Many who are not aware of the concept of an Earthling will, from every walk of life.

I had a thought literally five or so hours ago, and I was guided with the mind to think about our current situation with our current existence, the factors of our government and religious personnel from all over the United States, and the humans that this is affecting.

Number one: The human specie is living on this planet together, which it some cases many would say this is god’s yahweh’s jah’s or allah planet. But, the fact remains is that the religious followers of the planet are giving recognition to the fact that this is some “Deities” Grid of existence (grid of existence is Earth).

The Deities grid of Existence – this is the realm in which we dwell in accordance to the natural situations that we are apart of, from the trees, to the water, to the tiny insects, to the animals that roam this planet, we are apart of the Earth Grid, making us Earthlings.

Number two: As for the Government factions of this world, I imagine each government sector of the nations are different, in the ideas of what they want, where they want to be, and where they want to go as a country / nation.

As for me and the other hundred of millions of citizens residing here in the USA, many of us are aware of the Eric Snowden Revelation, that we are all under the physical watch (sight and audio) of machine recordings that we engage in everyday. So with this idea, and along with the Earthling example, it seems that our economic creators are on the similar track of the Deities Grid of existence.

Before humans were “super savvy” with our electronically devices, means of communication and distribution of ideas, we were very limited. Even considering the idea that humans are always roaming around and only the Planet’s Operator was in control of the physical and mental aspect of the brain, this is now carrying over to the humans (through time, humans are inheriting the Creator‘s blueprint playbook manual of the grid of Existence) that we now are assisting this Planet’s Operator with knowing where people are, what they are doing, and what is going on within their existence.

By being born on this planet, we are naturally in the Creator’s Grid – meaning that Earthlings can travel every corner of this planet, but we still are in need of the sunlight, water, and the proper nutrients to in take and release for survival. We also remain connected to the planet, in terms of unique mental and spiritual perception. No matter what your race, region, religion, or relationship status, you ARE an Earthling, you ARE important to the planet, and your existence is in the control of something higher than all of us.

Now, having humans connected with the internet, and the expansion of technological devices, this is the rubric for what many nations may be running under. The idea or concept that we are truly connected together through some higher form or fashion, all by some higher Creator that is in constant “monitoring mode” of our actions and ideas.

By having the Earthlings universally connected with electronics and the access of the internet, we are physically on this giant grid of information, statistics, and location specification all with the aid of these tools and devices. Now, whether or not these practices are legal or not in your country, that is something different. I am only expressing that the use of gadgets within the 21st century are your invitation to living on MAN’S grid, while we are living here on the Creator’s grid – Earth.

So Earthlings, to sum up this blog entry, you humans from all corners of the world are living on the Creators Grid, meaning that you are physically apart of this planet, you are connected to each other through a long history of procreation and evolution. While our times from those days of the ancient ways evolved into what it has become today, the inheritance from creator to Human Co-creation has allowed for the invention of MAN’S grid. MAN’S grid is the act of a collective unit designed by Earthlings who can be in the same seat as the creator, being under the watch, monitor, and possible direction of other Earthlings all with the aid of technology and the WORLD WIDE WEB. If imitation is the highest form of flattery, then our society is truly loving this Creator’s blueprint for the world’s economy of living and overall direction.

We are playing “Deity” every single day and do not realize it.


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