What Is Really Fueling America?

What Is Really Fueling America?


July 1, 2013

Article: What Is Really Fueling America?

Matthew Johnson

Welcome to the United States of America, land of the free, home of the brave. Where the enjoyment of foods fried, football, fitness, fashion, and fantasy gaming are common for escaping the stresses of “real” life. But three aspects in areas of the culture that have remained a role in our society are hate, greed and racism.

Our generation has become more quiet in regards to these traits, but some of this is still heavily prevalent around the country. As for America, we have been a land known as the melting pot, a collective unit of culture, tradition, and trends from all walks of life on this planet.

The historic culture within America has been on a long road to have overcome these obstacles, but some of these obstacles still remain in certain aspects of the culture as a whole inside of America. The lack of understanding of the environment that we live in as a human family is a role that has many trails of obstructions that remain heavily in certain areas of the country. The constant pumping of negative stories and fearful tactics in our media outlets play a very large portion in the fueling of how a section of society is behaving.

Our land has various issues, we all know it, we all see it. It is a mindset paradigm that is holding us back as a collective culture. One that is not fueled or motivated by hate, greed, or racism seems to only exist inside smaller selected forms of human units, and even inside of those smaller units, there still lives hatred for there neighbor.

A change is on the way, our society just has to evolve, it is embedded inside of the planet’s DNA of natural beings that are of this Earth. Many will grow and understand the days of negative fueling of the culture will be no more. We all are guided by the solar light, and each person’s connection to the light will be unique in observation, but a cultural collective of understanding it. Understanding of the world can break free these binds of hate, greed, and racism.

– A society all about the dollar, low paying occupations of “obtaining” said dollar, all while your cost of living continues to rise higher than your final amount of collecting those dollars.
– We have powers that hold control, and leave behind many for the sake of the few for powerful gains and reigns.
– Keeping the culture focused on the petty issues and constant washing of hate and greed in the mind leaves no room for enlightenment of the self.
– Skin color, regional or physical attributes still gets you on main stage of being different
– Lacking information about self, history, and where the human race as a whole has been feels like a dominant trait for brewing hateful racism
– Since many see how the works of the higher powers of the land are treating the masses, it only flows to the rest of the land that we must look out for ourselves in regards to surviving with a family (if one has others alongside them)
– We have SEVERAL ways to flip this country around for a brighter future of the environment, the workforces in America, and safer solutions to healing and feeding our own, instead, we remain stagnant and uninformed to brighter outcomes of solutions.


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