Religion(s) are like The Parents of Earth, Scientists are the Earth’s Doctors


June 20, 2013

Article: Religion(s) are like The Parents of Earth, Scientists are the Earth’s Doctors

(Religion Remains Loyal to The Creator, while Science acts as the Creator’s Daughters (Earth) Doctor to Find Out What her Deal is.)


Matthew Johnson


The religious of this planet cannot deny science for their aid in our entire existence. The scientists cannot deny the religious that a Creator does not exist (an endless argument of circles).

So therefore, with both enterprises working heavily within this Earthly existence, we have the marriage of the Scientists and the Religious.

The Religious tend to care, worship, and maintain the rules of the spiritual world that have been before them without the knowledge of the modern science, and the Scientist tend to care, maintain, and discover what it is that is making this planet “act” in the physical actions that unfold while humans are existing on this planet. As our planet EVOLVES into more physical, mental, and spiritual aspect of what it means to be a human being amongst other human beings embedded within nature, we have (or should have) the appreciation of religious UNITY, and the Universal sciences that explain our world that the Creator “creatively evolved” to allow humans to take over some duties of the planet.

The Creator is like the grandparent of Earth. But now, the modern humans have stepped up to the plate as the “Mothers and Fathers” of the planet (as well as many of the natural entities that reside here as well), staying loyal and respectful to fellow humans and the planetary entities (religions) while also tending and mending to the natural world issues that have been taking place as we (humans) reside within it (Science).

It does not matter what religion you are going to follow or not follow, but two facts do remain for us Humans beings living in this planet:

1. Our planet is here to stay, whether we attempt to live in peace upon it, or destroy ourselves over material things, in which she (earth) does not care. Humans may destroy what humans have created, but Mother Earth will eventually bounce back in her natural way (Goddess to Creation).

2. Dark rulers over this planet work as a team – so no matter WHAT your race, region, religion, or relationship status may be, we will all be taxed, monitored, watched, (somewhat) controlled, and “guided along this path we call “reality”.

This planet is all that we have, and whether or not we like it, we are all apart of this existence together.



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