Safeguarding The Planet from Human Internal Destruction


June 21, 2013

Article: Safeguarding The Planet from Human Internal Destruction


Matthew Johnson


Slowly but surely, the elite religious perspectives of society are making the shift into a more greener mentality when dealing with their specific Deity’s idea of this Created Earth. The religious men and women of higher influence of religion(s) have noticed that caring for what their Deity has created also goes beyond the locations and people, but this entails all of nature that is around us, in which we are involved in without a choice.

Everyday we have reports and statistics about our planet’s climate, our food, our water, our air, even our forests, so for many this is nothing new. This now about WAKING UP the sleeping humans, to the future of yesterday. How some of our great pioneers of this planet from all walks of culture, life, religions, and regions had extraordinary visions and actual concepts for protecting this planet along with leaving positive innovations for the future of the world.

By getting more humans involved, we can began to SHIFT this culture from destruction and abuse of resources, to a sustainable, healthier, and environmentally friendly world that many Deities would be proud of. The times, they are changing, and with change brings a lot of opportunity for better ways of living, governing resources, and managing societies for a collective agenda. I firmly believe by knowledge of the land, humans duty as a human being, and the directional goal of a power greater than the self, mankind will begin to slowly rewind the negative traits of old habits of the world. Embarking on a new frontier, one of clean energy, healthier, smarter, more efficient humans, all within a collective conscious about this Creative Evolution called Earth.



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