Brooklyn Housing Development Acquires Green Thumbs

NAME NewsJune 20, 2013
Article: Brooklyn Housing Development Acquires Green Thumbs.


Matthew Johnson

“And then there was one”. The Red Hook housing development of  Brooklyn, New York has acquired and completed construction of an 1 acre plot of land to be used as an urban garden for hyper local produce for the community.  
The idea is set to be an opportunity for the local teens and adults to be able to work, grow and sustain the local food collective for the community.
This idea and concept is definitely one of positive movements for a new outlook on what it means to be a human being on planet Earth. Maximizing the resources that are around you will be the newest way of saving lives and communities from detrimental problems and issues. This is just the start of something beautiful in the works for a brighter future on Earth. This generation will be the foundation culture to rewinding the many damaging years of pollution, poverty, and neglect to ourselves and our environment.


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