NASA’s Kepler Telescope / Alien Planets


June 18, 2013

Article: NASA’s Kepler Telescope / Alien Planets

How these planets may already have life, and a universal infrastructure of planetary sustainability.

Matthew Johnson

The Mother Nature News Network reported that the NASA Kepler telescope has spotted 503 new alien planets. The reports mentions that some of these planets are within the area of the “habitable zone of their stars” (A Habitable Zone).

As far as this goes, these potential new planets could already have a form of life species dwelling and sustaining on them, meaning that these “alien planets” could in fact be harboring “aliens” on them.

I know that some humans within our modern society are not ready for the idea of people talking about the very existences that (may) dwell beyond Earth, but it is soon becoming a fast reality. Just imagine, better yet, think about this; this wonderful telescope (Kepler) that is cruising the cosmos is out and about discovering new planets – that may be able to harbor life in some cases. If this is true, the idea that “humans” being the only dominate species of this universe will be thrown away.

What this now does for the minds of the Earthlings who are skeptical about extra-terrestrial beings will completely rock and shock the global collective. We then change the entire paradigm of what it means to be amidst this universe while living on Earth. Religions, governments, and military from every race and region will have to RE-configure their plans and agendas (Because we ALL know they have them) in accordance to the blueprint of the Universe, as we (Earth dwellers) sustain this planet as we really should be.

Could the possibility of cosmic logistics among other planets be the future of Earth? We think so.



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