Extra-Terrestrials are Cosmic Engineers for Earth

The topic of E.T.’s and aliens are soon to be the NEXT Hottest trend in media. (Remember where you read it first)


All throughout history, our ancestors have depicted these space beings into their artwork, not just because they felt like out of the unique creative process, but because this is what was going down, literally. They are similar to the human being, wanting to see and explore, and create new technologies for their planet’s agenda. In fact, I bet this IS where our past an present societies got the ideas of how to run our world today. A lot of ideas and possibilities have been hidden and down right shunned, and it is slowly about to turn around.

I have always said that we are just like the insect world of the cosmos, and people (especially the religious, scientists and doubters) need to stop limiting the realms and philosophies in which they follow. We have bugs and insects that we dominate over, so who is dominating over humans?

I just hope that our world can handle the fact that we are indeed, never alone in this vast universe of existences. 



3 thoughts on “Extra-Terrestrials are Cosmic Engineers for Earth

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    • Ha, so funny. What if ALL of American masses witnessed this mahogany red line from east coast to west coast, but yet it was not made “official” – do we just say “ahhh ok, it was nothing – or do we ask what the FRACK is this?

      Thank you for your reply, Carl.

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