NAME News Acquires Newest Anchor

NAME News: Anchor Drafting

By. Matthew Johnson

Jonfogastine Hires Jeneral Milwaukee as Newest Anchor
The meeting began Friday evening around 9:15 pm, as Jeneral Milwaukee, the five foot eleven, 227 pound ex Lacrosse player entered into the studio board room of the BARN. The rain did not stop the excitement that Mr. Milwaukee expressed for the love of NAME and there overall mission of the company. NAME News CEO Mr. Jonfogastine was his usual self as Mr. Milwaukee explained his reasons and actions of his history of leadership, governance, and innovative tactics that had led him into the ranks of where he humbly stands and directs as of today.
10:08 pm. The handshake.
 After paperwork, signing, and brief exchanging of family history and lineage, Mr. Jonfogastine and Jeneral Milwaukee stood up, shook hands and tapped the 10 foot globe at the center of the table. It was official, Mr. Milwaukee was now on board with the NAME news crew. 
From the packet outlined from the 48 page Kingdom Sun / NAME News booklet, Milwaukee’s role as newest anchor will be the same as his established role of governance, to bring into the picture of NAME the aspects of tactful but clear motives of a way to see our past, and the slow beginnings of the future of Earth. His passion through spoken word, expression of details, and tone of voice brings the listener into the tunnel of his full attention, until the silence of echoes of his voice clears the room. You find yourself fully engaged and mesmerized within his deep baritone / bass sound, the words remain imprinted onto your eardrums.  
It is clear that the NAME news team is slowly growing, and only pray the creator continues to bless this franchise on their journey on all further endeavors. 

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