Information – A global religion?

Information - A global religion?

Awesome afternoon, I am your reporter here at NAME news, Matthew Johnson. Here is your top story of the day

Information: The Global Religion

“It does not matter if you are Muslim, Hebrew, Christian, Rastafarian, or Buddhist, information is the newest religion”.


The religious practices of your home planet are now… (inaudible) …………………. Yes, al – alright, it is being reported that all the religions of the planet Earth are all in the same funnel shaped format of finding “truth” – the self, a spiritual way to live, the ways to living in unison of the planet Earth, as it was intended.

It appears that these deities are all in the same, having equal significance within our tiny planet of existence in comparison to the vast space of the cosmos. These deities, (god, allah, jah, Yahweh) all have the cosmic potential to guiding ones mind, soul, and spirit to brighter visions of the world around them, guiding deeper insight to the natural realm of our existence, and evolving our overall agenda to what it really means to be a “human robot” to this planet’s operation.

This is a sight to see, the people here of Earth seem to be conscious that no matter their race, region, religion or relationship, the spirit of the human and what they create in the light of their deity is what makes them special for the planet, their own unique ticket to the Earth show.

I had a brief mental chat with a person earlier, and I was told that, “If the planet was meant to be separated, we would have all been living in different corners of this Universe.”

I could not agree more. I am Matthew Johnson reporting from Planet Earth.

Back to you NAME studios.


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