Earths Re-configuration of Religious Deities (part III)


My Interpretation:
Earths Re-configuration of Religious Deities (part III)

Reconfiguring – Inheritance of Earth

When one can really look into the ways of the planet and the universe, admiring their deity and all of the creation that has followed over time, I, personally, could shed a tear to this glorious operation we have incorporated on this Planet we call “life”. Many already know that this planet has been in a balance of governance, power and control since the original days of invention and technology were pursued for that particular way of life. Throughout history, the human specie has developed many tools, instructions of living, and knowledge of their successes and failures of their given society. As this particular society begins to move into a more sustainable global collective, some old ways of seeing this planet for what it is has remained the leading force behind this global collective, which is holding back our spiritual vision of what CAN be.

The way of seeing this planet is that it was created for our collective use, in unison with the natural realm that has surrounded us through years and years of evolution. This would be the mountains, the rivers and oceans, forests, deserts, and the wildlife of all kinds that reside within these areas.

Now, if this planet was designed with all of its inhabitants in mind – regardless of race, region, religion, or relation, this means that either the ancient texts we follow are really outdated, or someone has not explained the origins of our spiritual existence in its entirety.

Humans have inherited this planet from a long line of ancient beings and species, from dinosaurs, to the original cavemen and women, so this means that we are now the rightful owners (TOGETHER) of this planet we call home. In theory, we have taken over this planet from the creator, and we (today) have the tools to be able to make alterations within this Kingdom that we are confined to – from weather patterns, to body modifications, to deciding how a baby will look like, to even creating our own animals from the process of cloning.

Are these operations evil? I do not think so, when they are used within their proper respect, to the humans, animals, and the natural wildlife realms that exist around us. If I created harm within this kingdom by using these operations, harming the wildlife, harming humans, harming our home (Planet Earth), then of course this is a serious matter that should be examined. Harming other humans, the environment, and the ecosystem that we are essentially apart of should not be tolerated. As descendants of the cosmos, we should WANT and STRIVE to make this planet awesome, clean energy, healthy foods for the masses, and keeping the knowledge of our true existence within this universe alive and made known through educational systems.

Modern society is on a specific life route, meaning, there are things that will happen to the natural realm naturally, and possibly some of things could be either good or bad – but if things are stable within our world on a global level, we can then brace for whatever cycle of the sun we revolve around as a global family, to embrace or defend our home, our planet, our Created existence.

If in fact my theory is valid, that this particular society has inherited this planet from the Creator, and we are being held back from progressing with natural plans of a better global society, humans of Earth should REALLY reconsider evaluating our existence with this planet, and how we view this thing called ‘life’ on a global scale.

If being held back from cleaner energy, our true mental and spiritual existence with this planet of a global creator, and refused our divine destiny of global harmony incorporated with the knowledge of the true existence of human beings within this planet, then job well done, modern Earth civilization. You have completely went against the grain of the creative properties that have been ordained by the Creator, refused and altered orders for personal gain of Earth’s blueprint, and creative many confused and lost spirits within your created Kingdom of “society”.

Every human is a product of the Creator, whether they believe in it’s higher power or not, they are. It is just like refusing a parent’s blood when upset, explaining that they are not related to them – which in fact they know they are. This is how this modern society is being ran, we are being told that we are of Earth, but we have no concrete parental identity to give ourselves something to look up to, to give inspiring motivation, and a sense of self.

By blocking or the hiding of the idea that we humans are a global family, we make this world go around, or we are all created for a specific co-creation towards this planet, (without that knowledge of our true existence, the history of our planet, and the ways of modern technological advancements) this is our result. A lost society just roaming and doing tasks of everyday repetition without imagination for wanting MORE with their Creator given life, their mental curiosity, the blessing of the spirit of the self of talent.

Humans have inherited this planet from powers higher than themselves. With religion and science, we could be on the track for
global harmony, developing a brighter planet in the name of sister / brotherhood of ALL humans, in-sync with the Creator of Earth.


Matthew Johnson

Kingdom Sun. NAME News. June 7th, 2013.


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