Earths Re-configuration of Religious Deities (part II)


My Interpretation:

Earths Re-configuration of Religious Deities (part II)

Jah, Allah, God, Yahweh – these names have come from my mouth on numerous occasions regarding this planet and how we see it, view it, understand it, and praise it.

The human being, a remarkable animal in our present history, with the aids of technology and science, we are altering physical attributes (on purpose and not on purpose) of this planet from the human mind to the physical climate that we ‘see’ in action everyday before our eyes. The human norm of present day society has had it’s ups and downs, just as anything else that is within this planet. But one aspect that our culture that is always on the hips of the debaters is the idea of deities and if this presence is truly in our midst.

This practice of whether a deity exists spans over many of the religious cultures that are within this generation, from every corner of this big beautiful Earth. So this gave me the thought that many of these human beings that are worshipping their very own deity, are experiencing their very own connection with some AWESOME energy that is flowing within their mind on this land.

Hmm… Is this energy universal? Is this something that can be felt within a mind state of a human? The answer is yes, although the connection between each human and their spiritual guide is far different from any other human (given that all humans have different life routes, experiences, and mindsets of viewing the world).

Now, If these humans are experiencing an energy within their minds of some form of spiritual guide, then this is said to be “the talking of the deity within you and how the instructions are suppose to guide you in righteous paths”, or the holy spirit, right?

Here is the twist, this deity is portrayed in many religions and under many titles, particularly, Yahweh, jah, god, and allah. If these devout spiritual humans are experiencing similar connections within their select religion, what is the point of arguing over “which” deity is the right one, or which one has more power, or which is good and the other is evil. These humans are experiencing spiritual sensation when meditating with their given creator.

We should not fight and go up in arms about these religions, when they all are serving this energy that guides the mind and spirit for enlightenment and knowledge. Granted, today’s ways are a bit hostile and distant from the actual avenue to waking up, but things [Sho’ nuff] are going to be better.

The human can now understand that all religions are for the same car company, each just with a different model class to branding the Energy that is The Creator. Today, we are so caught up on the physicals, when we should be looking within, looking deep into the operations of what makes the Creator, the type of *everlasting creative evolutionists that is in the sky above us, shining so bright every morning until dawn (the Sun).

Everyone on this planet is on this planet for reason. No one knows or can figure out what that is, unless they are genetically searching the origins of bloodlines and their history, except the person that is lending the mind and body that is occupying behind your eyes right now.

As a human, we should evolve our mind (positively), feed our soul (healthily), and live in ultimate harmony (spiritually).


Matthew Johnson

Kingdom Sun. NAME News. June 7th, 2013.


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