Earths Re-configuration of Religious Deities (part I)


My Interpretation:

Earths Re-configuration of Religious Deities (part I)


After a well invested account of collective thoughts, ideas, feelings and expressions, I am compelled to create a second entry on the idea that this universal energy (the Creator) is flowing through every religion that is stamping and confining the minds of their followers.

Talking and reading from past posts, the ways of the religious are a VERY, Powerful, force, and they are willing to defend at any cost their beliefs – this is why I hold true that religions should not be terminated from this planet, but yet, taken apart with open mind to follow the map of the supreme source of inspiration that has been the spiritual muse behind these teachings for MANY MANY MANY sunrises and sunsets.

Will this ever happen? I would like to hope so for the sake of my brothers and sisters on this planet.

This idea of fighting for your cause (religious following) for the deity that is the master over it, is the same exact formula for the other side that you are attempting to fight against.

For example:

Lets say that person (Red) holds true that their religion (A) is the right way, and that religion B (their opposition, Blue) is the devil, the evil within the world.
And both are willing to FIGHT and lay their life down in the name of their deities (A and B in this example) and what they stand for.

This is a stalemate, considering this planets operation of life. IF – these two individuals who are fighting for their religious followings ( A and B ), they both knock off one another, their off-springs will do the same to each other, creating this family factor of wanting to defend and fight like the ones before them – defending the deity that they feel is right, BUT, without ANY concept of the others religion, or overall mission of the religious enterprise.

This is how we are fighting each other, creating wars and issues of Deitistic practices to protect what? The spirit? The land? Every religion has been created to guide souls and minds in the proper means according to the deity that governs them. There is no difference in human, the mind, the soul, or the spirit. We can drive, eat, celebrate, enjoy music, and travel alongside other humans under the same roof that are of different races, and regions, but not religions? This does not make ANY sense – the one enterprise that is LEADING for peace of supreme deities can not find the bridge to aid its people into the mental and spiritual insight of we are all brothers and sisters.

WE (human beings) live in a very technological age of our existence, we have creations that fly the air like birds, swim the seas like fish, and now dropping humans from space like meteorites, but we cannot figure out this link to our spiritual connection within this planet, within one another?

To come together under a common collective (the Creator) and celebrate in the praising and tribal ways that we are SO excited to do – I think of concerts and underground shows that my generation has falling in love with… AGAIN.

WE love music, the arts, expression of the self, the aspects of freedom to pursue happiness, why can’t we start to break grounds in the pursuit of wanting harmony for all, creating TRUE peace, unity, and FULL mental understanding regarding the religious of ALL races and regions?


“I! Just got ta test-a-fy, what cha’ love, has done fo’ me!”
– The Parliaments w/ Funkadelic


Matthew Johnson

Kingdom Sun. NAME News. June 7th, 2013.


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