The End of The World as We Have Known It?


June 27, 2013

Article: America’s Future Will Not Live in the Past Any Longer


Jeneral Milwaukee 


“The times, they are a’ changing”. Look around you citizens of the “free” world (United States of America), some of the old ways of living among this society are being questioned, challenged, and down right changed to meet the collective consciousness of what it means to be a human on the planet of Creation we humans have called “Earth”.


From the LBGT community demanding equal rights within this land of “democracy”, women standing STRONG in the face of sexist oppression, to the patients and freedom fighters for natural herbal medicines of the planet, our society is rotating into a cultural shift, an enlightening perspective into a brighter way of living, leaving behind old, out-dated, discriminatory paradigms of the past cultures. 


No, this is not a fight against your Deity, or your country, this is about fully understanding what it means to live as a nation UNDER your Deity of choice (if you choose to follow one) in a civilized, understanding collective inside of this country.


As you know, we have had “agendas” push onto the society as a means of planned action for control over the people, I seen it, others have seen it, but now, the agenda is coming back to the people and citizens of the country, the ones who are actually in control of the destiny of this great country. 


I see that the Deities that many Americans follow across this land have been intertwined in so many mixed feelings and philosophies, that the true identity of the Creator and what it means to be a human on this planet among other humans within nature (this country) has been completely lost. The fact that many are so easily aggravated over another person’s lifestyle is completely astonishing. From same sex marriage to marijuana medicine to immigration, The Creator that designed our existence for us to evolve and take over (which we have done) this planet in the physical, mental, and spiritual aspects really would not destroy this beautiful struggle that has been going on for over billions of years through evolution, right?


Only WE (that’s right, you and I – The evolving human specie inheritors of planet Earth) could ever do that. We have designed so many wonderful, and also dangerous inventions while residing on this physically finite planet, we humans as a race are in control of our future – in which we should give thanks for this creative opportunity to do so. 


With ANY new addition to an environment, there will always be a section that is hesitant about this new arrival. Whether it be a physical or mental component that we create or discover, it is through us the humans to fully lay out all ideas, situation, and circumstances of these additions. Education is the enemy of ignorance, and the Creator is all FOR Intelligence, wisdom, and imagination. That is how we are designed to live as we roam this planet. Sustaining this Earth in the blueprint that is available for maximum up keep – throughout all races, regions, religions, and relations. 


Your mental and spiritual perception of this world is EVERYTHING to your existence. If you are not evolving your ways of thinking, feeling, or understanding others who are different than yourself, how can a culture really advance towards greater things if the old paradigms that involve medicine, women, and marriage remain stagnant? 

We Cant Please Everybody – The Planet or The Pocketbook


June 25, 2013

Article: We Cant Please Everybody – The Planet or the Pocketbook



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Matthew Johnson

This Keystone XL project has been in the news for some time now. With that being said and noticed on a global scale, the American people have all spoken. Various groups against this project of fueling this hemisphere range from all walks of life from coast to coast. In May, there was reporting (link) of a non partisan group that figured up that about 65% of Americans were actually in FAVOR of this madness for the KXL.

We understand that with oil and gas they will bring along jobs and getting (some) people working again, but if this operation is just to aid into our current addiction of oil and gas, then we see NO future on the horizon for a cleaner, leaner, greener planet. It just will / would not happen.

I would love for all my little cousins and future family that will follow to be able to look back and see the progress that this cultures generation made on the minds of the oil producers and the addicted culture that immediately followed.

By Americans RIDDING this country of our dependence on oil and gas, we then began the wonderful and most creative road to the future of “CLEAN ENERGY” (Yes, breathe it in kids, it is all natural). When this idea is implemented into society, we then begin to fill the road into the world of job creation and the aspects of putting American created products and services back into the mindsets of all who destined to live on this land. Oil and gas have been at the drivers seat for a while, creating environmental problems in the process. It is time for a driver swap, and this particular driver can be sustained cleanly, and possibly far longer behind along with cleaning up the messes of the past.

Wind turbines, solar panels, and alternative fuels such as the company that provides kits to ordinary engines that transforms vegetable grease into a useful source of clean fuel, all of these sources of innovation for providing energy and cleaner solutions for a healthier planet are not only commercially, physically and environmentally  beneficial, they also please the spiritual aspect of your own backyard. 

Our land is our existence, and if the land is out of shape, we humans remain out of shape as a human collective. Our days of oil and gas are slowly coming to an end, due to the change in the culture and our overall agenda as Earthlings living on this planet. Healthier foods, energy, products, and medicines are soon to be re-evaluated for fitting into this changing global society.

Bye-bye gas pump fill up, hello self sustaining solar systems.



Religion(s) are like The Parents of Earth, Scientists are the Earth’s Doctors


June 20, 2013

Article: Religion(s) are like The Parents of Earth, Scientists are the Earth’s Doctors

(Religion Remains Loyal to The Creator, while Science acts as the Creator’s Daughters (Earth) Doctor to Find Out What her Deal is.)


Matthew Johnson


The religious of this planet cannot deny science for their aid in our entire existence. The scientists cannot deny the religious that a Creator does not exist (an endless argument of circles).

So therefore, with both enterprises working heavily within this Earthly existence, we have the marriage of the Scientists and the Religious.

The Religious tend to care, worship, and maintain the rules of the spiritual world that have been before them without the knowledge of the modern science, and the Scientist tend to care, maintain, and discover what it is that is making this planet “act” in the physical actions that unfold while humans are existing on this planet. As our planet EVOLVES into more physical, mental, and spiritual aspect of what it means to be a human being amongst other human beings embedded within nature, we have (or should have) the appreciation of religious UNITY, and the Universal sciences that explain our world that the Creator “creatively evolved” to allow humans to take over some duties of the planet.

The Creator is like the grandparent of Earth. But now, the modern humans have stepped up to the plate as the “Mothers and Fathers” of the planet (as well as many of the natural entities that reside here as well), staying loyal and respectful to fellow humans and the planetary entities (religions) while also tending and mending to the natural world issues that have been taking place as we (humans) reside within it (Science).

It does not matter what religion you are going to follow or not follow, but two facts do remain for us Humans beings living in this planet:

1. Our planet is here to stay, whether we attempt to live in peace upon it, or destroy ourselves over material things, in which she (earth) does not care. Humans may destroy what humans have created, but Mother Earth will eventually bounce back in her natural way (Goddess to Creation).

2. Dark rulers over this planet work as a team – so no matter WHAT your race, region, religion, or relationship status may be, we will all be taxed, monitored, watched, (somewhat) controlled, and “guided along this path we call “reality”.

This planet is all that we have, and whether or not we like it, we are all apart of this existence together.


Safeguarding The Planet from Human Internal Destruction


June 21, 2013

Article: Safeguarding The Planet from Human Internal Destruction


Matthew Johnson


Slowly but surely, the elite religious perspectives of society are making the shift into a more greener mentality when dealing with their specific Deity’s idea of this Created Earth. The religious men and women of higher influence of religion(s) have noticed that caring for what their Deity has created also goes beyond the locations and people, but this entails all of nature that is around us, in which we are involved in without a choice.

Everyday we have reports and statistics about our planet’s climate, our food, our water, our air, even our forests, so for many this is nothing new. This now about WAKING UP the sleeping humans, to the future of yesterday. How some of our great pioneers of this planet from all walks of culture, life, religions, and regions had extraordinary visions and actual concepts for protecting this planet along with leaving positive innovations for the future of the world.

By getting more humans involved, we can began to SHIFT this culture from destruction and abuse of resources, to a sustainable, healthier, and environmentally friendly world that many Deities would be proud of. The times, they are changing, and with change brings a lot of opportunity for better ways of living, governing resources, and managing societies for a collective agenda. I firmly believe by knowledge of the land, humans duty as a human being, and the directional goal of a power greater than the self, mankind will begin to slowly rewind the negative traits of old habits of the world. Embarking on a new frontier, one of clean energy, healthier, smarter, more efficient humans, all within a collective conscious about this Creative Evolution called Earth.


Water for Barrel Provided by the Rainmaker

June 20, 2013

Article: Water for Barrel Provided by the Rainmaker

Source: (Video)


Matthew Johnson

Here is a wonderful idea from news team , and their  sponsored piece on how to build your very own rain barrel. Ashley Henderson, from the Alabama Clean Water Partnership provided a video on how to build this rain catcher in about 15 minutes and acquiring some extra water when the skies overhead begins to hydrate your neighborhood.

Enjoy the video, and also, I would add that boiling the water before consumption would be your best move before any bodily use.