MariJanet: The Herbal Queen

MariJanet: The Herbal Queen


MariJanet: Herbal Queen

Daughter of The Creator, Friend of the People, Enemy of the State

As this particular culture slowly begins to see the false advertising behind the ways of this Earth, its natural realms in harmony with its inhabitants, and the power structures that are in “control”, the cannabis plant has been on center stage – in the spotlight under review, evaluation, and futuristic experiment of potential asset for the humans here on Earth.

Everyone who has researched this plants potential within ANY regional economy, (land, region, state, country) the fact remains that our planet can be transformed into something greater, greener, and a place of physical and spiritual abundance for the global society as well as the American home front. Speaking from one of many American viewpoints, cannabis (specifically, HEMP) is the plant of a thriving future for any economy. How awesome is it, that we can grow a plant, and from this plant, we create industries such as housing, automotive technologies, beauty supplies, health and physical care, textiles, and fuels for our global transportation means.

We have reported earlier that no matter the race, region, or religious affiliation that you have been following within your life, the Creator uses us ALL for this grand scientific experiment while living on this Earth, under the beautiful heating lamp that is Miss Sunshine. If this is the operation that we humans have slowly developed and in some places applied this logic, why not incorporate this action into the way of the world – on a global scale?

We have patients of this culture who have benefited greatly from her use for medicinal effects, ranging from various illnesses of life, to young and AMERICAN DREAMING entrepreneurs who have turned this plant into successful businesses that in return have provided their local towns and neighborhoods with positive results, monetary and overall personal satisfaction.

As with any new piece of information, technology or medicine, there is always a form of guidelines, suggestions, or instructions guiding the user to understand their product better, to use the product in the best ways possible that are safe, and of adequate use for the user. The agricultural enterprise of this commodity is no different. With its possibilities for maintaining and sustaining a greener, environmentally friendly culture, I am sure the guidelines will be stated and made available for every created venture that unfolds under the sun. With anything that you do, it requires education, some form of informational structure to be able to maintain and work-out your endeavor. Knowledge for the American citizens of this nation will be aware of their surroundings, their place within themselves, and their unique gift for the planet to continue on the road of positive evolution.

It is really shocking to me, that a plant of amazing action and positive natural properties can be seen as an enemy to the culture in which we all live. But yet, we have legal properties and goods of today that create more harm than good when viewed in its entirety. Our times are changing, and if we do not realize that this planet is our home, (created by your deity of preference) our only experiment within this universe of existences, then we are not truly living as a nation, under A Creator.

Kingdom Sun. NAME NEWS. May 21, 2013.


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