Teachers are Mental Automobiles

Teachers are Mental Automobiles

Thinkers Chat Report: Education

Teachers are Mental Automobiles

The teacher, the educator, the instructor, the givers of information, the providers of knowledge – You human beings rock! (Worldwide, this is a international enterprise). If it was not for you dedicated humans beings that hold our futures in your beautiful brains, our existence today would not be what it is, from writing our alphabets, to comprehending how to type on our new age devices that many of the older generations are not quite sure how to operate; our society today belongs to the teacher.

You instructors of this wonderful planet, you math teachers, science teachers, geography teachers, history teachers, social science teachers, art teachers, music teachers, philosophy teachers, foreign language instructors, we would not be what we are without you ALL.

Your minds obtain knowledge, and you then share your knowledge back onto the youth and young adults as if you are passing an egg from spoon to spoon (the passing game).

As your adventure tends to unfold into a long resume of human interactions, notes, conferences, and late-night grading, take pride that without your minds vehicular transportation of this knowledge you hold from subject to subject, our mental transportation destination would not have been possible.

When your standing in front of your students, marker in hand, rewriting and explaining last nights notes to your passengers (students), they eagerly take those notes, watching and listening to your words, your examples, and ride this newly seen / heard information vehicle, furthering along their destinations approach for a life that will evolve over time and most definitely change it for the better, all thanks to you teachers.

Once information has been received within a student, this newly acquired information is then fueled into the minds gas tank, keeping the engine of imagination, curiosity, and understanding at a level that is sufficient to their educational adventure.

As time goes on, and the knowledge is delivered, you now (sadly, but optimistically excited for the future) depart this years students one step forward in changing this world, in changing the way we see it, understand it and inspired by, to only start again once the summer ends with a new class of eager passengers ready to travel on towards their next destination of changing their world, changing the way they see it for the better.

Now we ALLL know, that some passengers are not ‘super’ excited to be there sometimes, and that is how it goes unfortunately, but please believe, that your continuous navigating on this highway of knowledge is WELL appreciated. I, for one, think as this culture starts to WAKEUP and realize that our human bodies DEMANDS education of the world around them (Oh yes, the body demands this), your job will be taken SERIOUSLY, as if you are drafted 1st round onto a sports franchise team. Without the transportation that you provide, we are merely a society stuck at destinations WAY back, off schedule with the Earth cycle route chart of knowledge and our art of application.

To be honest, having your presence transporting the minds of tomorrow is truly a blessing. One that even I had overlooked as truly amazing, to have the honor of being transported into higher knowledge destinations.


We thank you so much for driving us safely into the future.

Kingdom Sun. NAME News. May 9, 2013.


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