Creative Evolution vs Creative Destruction

Creative Evolution vs Creative Destruction

Creative Evolution vs. Creative Destruction

Everything must have a start. Ok, we understand this. So what then? This created ’thing’ just stops, never to be tweaked or tampered with? To be made better or to be made worse?

This is where the idea of creative evolution and creative destruction comes into place. Humans can think of something, and from this thought, make it something tangible that is accessed and implemented within a culture or society. A common notion of this would be the sciences, the aspect of understanding our surroundings and ourselves. Another would be religions of the lands, that teach many to live in accordance with divine rules and action. Both science and religion are tools to understand and govern oneself, but what happens when one is unable to change, and to adapt to new views, or new technologies of a current cultural understanding?

I personally grew up around religion, and still I hold some topics of instruction for living, such as treating the people I interact with just like I would want to be treated, but once growing, evolving into an adult, and finding my own, MY OWN personal connection with the cosmos and the creator of existence that “I” am, I find it that modern religion (that is still modern from the standpoint of the hundreds on hundreds of years ago) are limiting the aspects of what it means to have these deities known as Jah, god, allah, and Yahweh be in control over this planet and function in the right mind state to appreciate this planet.

If these four deities are so grand in the operations of the planet, why are we so limited in the things that we do? For example, the idea that these deities are so grand and perfect, that they have stapled themselves into an idea that cannot evolve or grow, especially when our culture changes so swiftly starting with its youths perspective for the planet Earth. Religions of the land have created visual images of their specific deities that reign over their philosophies, in which create (destructively) the endless fighting over the same energy that gives us light, warmth, and love, and not the images, but the philosophies themselves are so outdated, OUR GENERATION IS STARTING TO SEE THAT THERE IS NO DIFFERENCE BETWEEN SOMEONE FROM JAPAN, OR INDIA, OR CHINA, OR RUSSIA, OR BRAZIL, OR CANADA from the citizens that roam inside of the borders of the United States (the melting pot of the world).

Our past generational tactics of the religious society were all about the power of the deity, what we SHOULD do, or should NOT do. Now-a-days, this generation is the example of a collective conscious that does not see religions, or race, or a persons region, but seeing other human beings as a brother and as a sister of the planet Earth – thinking more “intergalactic“.
It seems like everyday that I check and read something amazing about what science is doing, or viewing, or planning to do for the collective culture – no matter the race, region, religion or relationship. Science is an evolving enterprise, one that must stay up to date within its culture. It cannot give reign to which sciences belongs to this select land, because the sciences are universal, just like the sun, even though we share it at different times with the planet, we ALL get a proper dose of her love-rays and energy from morning to night.

If anything, both science and religion can be both evolutionary and destructive, but in these modern times, the avenue that seems to be at the root level of our ignorance is the idea that deities are gambling with souls trying to win a battle for memberships, and the club is religion. Our limiting of what it means to be a deity needs to change, in terms of this universal enterprise, HUMANS have called, “Earth”.

Kingdom Sun. NAME News. May 1, 2013.


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