Your Body is Royalty, Your Mind is a Creator

Your Body is Royalty, Your Mind is a Creator

Your Body is Royalty, Your Mind is a Creator

The human body is a very technological and highly sophisticated piece of Earth machinery. Being of the Earth’s physical components that are what they are (carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, and nitrogen), we are born into this existence of Royalty. Every single aspect of human that you see, no matter their race, region, religion, or relationship, they are apart of this royal global family. If our ancestors from many, many centuries ago were to be traced back, we all (I believe) would have some shared aspects to this long line of human existing lineage to our true past. There are only two sexes that make up the human race of this planet, the female, and the male. So what or who says that we are all not apart of this global royal family, where everyone is apart of this collective knowledge of this planet’s identity, her physical traits to our lives, our relationship to each other, as well as the planet and the cosmos? Every single ‘human’ entity that dwells on this planet demands The Sun‘s energy, the proper nutrients of ingestion to survive, and to excrement waste while operating on this planet. There are not differences, we are all demanding the same life energies and producing the same energies for life.

The human mind is the most sophisticated piece of technology known to the human being. There are ways in which the mind can act, control, or establish within a human being that is far different from any other human being (our own personal uniqueness, or universe). With this piece of technology, the brain is the central intelligence chip for the body that develops what exists outside of the physical body that we see / interact with. As this chip gathers knowledge and understanding of the working world that humans have called, “reality”, we get the actions of invention, innovation, and most importantly, Imagination. As this chip develops through the cycles of rotating around the sun (or aging) the human mind is now growing and processing these details, these attributes of the world that makes it what it truly is, not this idea of superiority over the land, or other creatures, but more of a companion to the land and her creatures. Just think, as you pass by the highway construction sights, you may often think of cranes and lifts carrying heavy beams and planks across the ripped up land as ancient dinosaurs (another Earth Machine) , able to withstand the weight of over 3000 pounds and not even budge or break a sweat. This idea to me seems to be of amazing imagination to be able to think, design, and physically create this operating machine for such a use in our ‘reality’.

These royal creations, the human, the plants, the technological devices, this planet, all of these things have a starting point, and over time, the creative evolutionary process is in full effect in unison with the current technology, the culture, and the demand for specifics that may arise within these cultures. At the end of each day, your body is royalty, your mind is its creator chip.

Kingdom Sun. N.A.M.E.News.


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