MariJanet’s 1st Day of Work

MariJanet's 1st Day of Work

MariJanet’s 1st Day of Work


Welcome to the Earth Corp. family (legally) of production, creating, innovating and healing the land animals that roam this planet. Let us begin on your journey to your new life here with the Earth Corp. family.

Duties and Responsibilities:

Your objectives while working (legally) for Earth Corp. is to maintain the following actions within your control of production and sustainability.

– Grow over this land and aid the human animals in cleaning the air, and sustaining richer farming soils, and maintaining the human body in all proper health proportions naturally.
– Staying mobile and flexible with innovative technologies that the human may discover or invent from your creativity productive elements
– Providing channels and avenues that guide the human to higher realms of imagination, knowledge, and understanding of this Earth Corp. family unit
– Maintaining peaceful tactics of dialogue and conversation between human/human interaction, its environment, and the mind
– Continue to be the creative aid of technology for medicines, automobiles, housing, textiles, fuels, and foods

We welcome you (again) to the Earth Corp. family, and hope your presence remains with us for many positive outcomes and results for this planet.

Kingdom Sun. NAME News.


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