Manipulated Spirits, Purchased Souls

Manipulated Spirits, Purchased Souls

Manipulated Spirits, Purchased Souls

“Soul is you, Soul is you”
– Funkadelic (1970)

My dear loving, curious, creative, imaginative, innovative humans of planet Earth, there are forces working within your funky realms of existence that are visible AND also invisible. Even I have been victim of not viewing this force while growing up, all in part not being told what it is, and for the simple fact that what remains out of sight will remain out of mind (for most, not all humans)

The Soul: Your mental self that makes you who YOU are – the gift of life from the Universal Creator that lives in the shell of your physical body.

The Spirit: Your physical existence that creates the environment that you are occupying and also what others can sense and see from four physical and mental existence that you exude through your unique creative energy.

The soul and the spirit are your creative vessels that have been giving to you by the cosmic engineers, and once you have learned that your own life is unique but in perfect sync with this universe, you have the tools to imagine the world that you want, develop your skills as you learn, and then you create your dreams that manifest from your creative knowledge from your soul and spirit – no one else can do it for you. Never change yourself to fit in – your existence is here to change and create new waves of inspiration for future creators just like yourself.

Stay creative. Stay positive.

Kingdom Sun. NAME News,


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