Humanity IS Heaven

Humanity IS Heaven

Heaven IS Humanity

It is simple, no matter your race, region, religion, or *relationship*, we are all brothers and sisters, born onto this planet, all using and sharing the same energy source, same knowledge based information that interacts with our lives everyday (medicine, technology, artistry).

If everyone seen this planet as a place of opportunity for building, growing, learning, and sharing with one another, we could start breaking the many centuries of crazy agendas of greed and power, and in fact, share the passion of pursuit for knowledge through science, exploration, and imagination for the agenda of making this planet a global community of spiritually, scientific driven individuals for achieving maximum sustainable activity for ALL natural beings that occupy this planet.

We only have one planet that we can live on, why must we destroy this one with crazy ancient philosophies of greed, power, and control – when in fact, we all are equal beings, just as important as our neighbor.

Kingdom Sun. NAME news.


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