Best Buy Fortunate Buyer

Best Buy Fortunate Buyer

Best Buy Fortunate Buyer

I would like to thank my dude (Bobby Ray) for driving me to Best Buy.
I happen to realize while being helped by wonderful customer service member, “J”, that the Creators, (god, allah, jah, Yahweh) all work in the aspect of the best buy store. Lets call the Best Buy creator, “tag”.
So, tag is the ONE among many eyes in the sky, watching and monitoring the sections of its many goods and valuable merchandises – such as HUMANS creator does while operating on / inside of Earth.

The only difference that “tag” has in comparison to the creators of earth, is that Tag works TOGETHER in the harmony operation of watching over its “world” (e.g. the Best Buy store), AND no matter what race, region of the store you are shopping, or spiritual philosophy a person is following, “tag and crew” will always be watching over you, monitoring you, always in real time viewing of your actions and movements.

The Creator over Earth MUST be in viewing of this place, no matter a humans race, region, or religion, we all need sunlight to live, grow, and recognize this existence through her light. THIS is our camera, this is our lens, this is our energy supplier. We are the fortunate beings of this Universe.

Kingdom Sun. NAME News.


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