Humans Environmental Footprint

Humans Environmental Footprint

America’s Environmental Footprint

BY: Matthew Johnson

Look, the environment is bigger than saving some trees or trying to grow some marijuana for the betterment of the land. This is about the knowledge of the land, the spiritual aspect of this universe and our effect we have on each other. IF no one is made aware of the problems that we have, but educating them on “what’s up” then no one will know what or WHY things are happening. Just like we go to school, so therefore we SEEK education and knowledge of this land and her ways. So why are we not learning the true ways of the planet? AHHH see, that is an area that is not being taught, of if it is it on the hush-hush. WHICH IS FOUL! But this is the reality we live in. The true evil lies in the act of knowledge hoarding.
If we want the planet to be a better place, EVERYONE has to be on the same playing field – knowledge wise, just like operating an automobile, EVERYONE has the same knowledge of driving within the city, and knowing what to do and what NOT to do. Therefore, we have a COMMON agreement with the functions of the roadways. Just like with this universe, If we are all acknowledgeable of this universe, its purpose, its functions, and its main operation, THIS is where your true harmony arises from the clouds within a culture.
By the image, we are currently living on the left side of the photo – a foot that is completely out of care, comfort, relief, and beauty. This is from the lack of knowledge of what this planet REALLY means. As for the right, we are presented the beautiful feature of what can be, an attempt on flawless attributes, the care of appreciation, the passion of wanting to remain beautiful as it should be.

This is the future as we see it. A future that can be. A future for us all.

Kingdom Sun. NAME News.


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