The War on the Creator’s Daughter

The War on the Creator's Daughter

The War on the Creator’s Daughter
By: Marcineo Jonfogastine

Human beings are naturally apart of this planet and the universe, and when we get the facts of the land that humans are just as important as the tiniest insects, this speaks volumes on the matter that things may not be what they seem. Throughout American history’s timetable of events and cultural shifts, the natural realm has played a VERY significant part in the actions and knowledge of what we know to be today.
The war on nature has been an issue since the early industrial days of enterprise and innovation for a ‘new’ way of life for an economic system of structure, hard work, and manufacturing. But as things began to set in that this land is no longer an important entity for business matters, the depletion of our home (that’s right, OUR home) was steadily on the rise.
Naturally grown plants that can sustain this planet for ALL of our benefit were merely put on hold, and banned all together for commercial profits and business gains. The Hemp industry was a booming visionary business for the forefathers of this great country, and even themselves grew the plant, and seen it as a beneficial commodity for this great land.
But just as time rolled on, the natural outlook of life and our well-being was soon to be thrown out, and demanded replacement with man-made goods such as chemicals and new synthetics, but the only natural good that was seen as “profitable” was the tree and lumber industry. Trees, the organisms that some were grown from over 100 years plus were being cut down, ripped up, and used for the many things that our society demands today. Creation of another job, by depleting one aspect of another, to ensure another enterprise is not to far away is serious.
The cutting of trees and our natural forests have been in full force for over 60 years, and this is a serious natural problem.
The cannabis industry is slowly starting to make headlines, but soon enough the truth of this plants powerful potential for this society will make the leading investors pocketbook talk a bit louder to “get in” on this operation of wanting to expand and save the world. I understand that the rich want to keep their millions and billions, but if there was an open market to create jobs, housing, feeding the hungry, and saving the planet all by advocating ONE PLANT, wouldn’t you want to get in on this enterprise?

(I know I would)

N.A.M.E. News. Kingdom Sun.


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