North Carolina: First in Flight

North Carolina: First in Flight

North Carolina: First in Flight

Written by: Marcineo Jonfogastine

Being a resident of this beautiful state, I have had the chance to travel it from coast to coast. Meeting and seeing new walks of life throughout the adventure, it really makes you sit back and wonder about all of the difference perspectives that come into play as this state begins to shift into a national superpower (I feel like). The spirit, vision, passion and knowledge that many of her residents bring is what makes this state so great. With a long history of furniture making and textile production within the heart of this state, it is sad to see so many mills, old factories, and assembly operations non existent for the common man and woman who grew up with that “work hard for your pay” mentality. Granted, some of these folks have been fortunate enough to land a job doing what they can do to pay the bills, but with many of the factories out of state and even the country, it is hard to wonder what will fill their place.

The educational aspect of this state has me highly optimistic, with the many graduating classes with high honors to make it within the walls and classrooms of higher educational institutions. I know first hand how hard the curriculum’s can be from division one to division two colleges and universities. But once you are emerged within the atmosphere of the campus, the spirit, and fellow future alums alongside yourself, the channels for learning are endless, as long as you and your mind are willing to push the channels of expanding your sights within this world to the next level.

As for North Carolina, it must be the water. She is special in her own right. From farming to industrial innovations for the world to borrow and expand on, this state is the leading factor in global innovation – as long as residents can see that what we do today, will effect tomorrow. Religious faculties, scientific guru’s, and the mathematicians, all create this land I have grown to love, grown to appreciate, and want to give back in the god-given manner that I was born with for this planet. It is now, our time to show the world, that North Carolinians have not only done the homework, but attempted the extra credit problems that were not mandatory for completion.


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