“Mary Wanna”

Creative Daughter, Creative Lifestyle

Cannabis is a DRUG! Correct. It is a drug. It is also a natural healing property of many ailments that are out within society today. We also have legal medicines that do cure your specific ailment, but leave you with another. (That is not medicine, that is a trade-off)
The Creator of this grand universe that we live in, has placed within this planet tools and items for the natural beings that occupy this land for the greater good of this world. Yes, there are some things that should not be used and tried as a resource, due to its fatal or detrimental state that will follow, but as for the cannabis plant, this natural renewable resource has been played with and experimented with all over the world, except within the United States.
The creative “lifestyle” of Cannabis today within society has been the culture of the “stoner”, the “pothead”, “reefer addict”, all the typical stereotypes of a person who partakes in the plants psychological aspect of feeling HIGHER than the normal human state of influence. The psychological aspect of this plant has been used (openly) in the society today, of many famous and the not so famous humans that roam the land. From athletes, to movies stars, to artists from east to west coasts, this plant is now geared into the mindset that is slowly becoming the norm within select inner circles.
As for the economical stance that this plant harbors, we are looking at activity that can range from the production of
medicines, oils, fuels, and textiles that and can replace the heavy demanding use of trees and cut down on the time of planting a new fleet of forestry to replace what has been cut down. Cannabis grows faster, its strong against the many farming issues of needing to use pesticides, it is great for the soil, and can be grown in almost region that is suitable for farming.
The actions of this planet are to be great. And to be great, we first must think, then create, and the rest we leave for innovation. Some universal energy (Some call this God – we see this energy as Creator) has allowed all natural entities to be under the same realm of habitat, which in theory feeds and aids one another. So, if humans are the gods of the land, why are we not doing more to protect it – especially for ourselves? All through out our history, this has been the blueprint, and now it is time to upgrade this creative society for the better, and make it sustainable, creatively, for us today, and our tomorrow’s future.

Kingdom Sun. NAME News.


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