America: Baldheaded for Over 70 Years

America: Baldheaded for Over 70 Years

America: Bald-headed for Over 70 Years

This piece is written in the mindset that America was the type of country who wanted to be number one amongst other nations, to hold the title that we are doing big things, and the rest of the world should keep up and take notes. But as time passed and new insights began to be questioned, implemented and achieved, it seems that America is slowing in the ranks of the media eye of what can we do for this land we all occupy.
Our society has been a leading factor and innovator in the world of technology, medicine and software, possibly one of great imitation from other competitors around the globe. Which is expected, that imitation brings along with it flattery of the most sincerest emotion, we have shined in this ideology for many, many years. It seems now-a-days within the American economy, many of the people here are starting to realize that we need this land that we all live on, by using it for its potential, and creating new ways to maximize the natural realm of plant life that we are so eager to destroy.
So what is the REAL reason behind the ban of natural plants and herbs on American soil? Who knows. Many reasons have surfaced that the products cannot be taxed, or that the monopoly of synthetic companies and laboratory engineers have on the goods and services of products. These monopolies are to selective to allow the past competition (nature) to reemerge onto the scene of American made tools for products. I think it has to do with the imitation of creative properties that this planet has blessed the animal and human kingdoms with. If we are trying to create the natural realms that are put here for us to sustain and be able to live off of, prosper, and share with the future generations of this planet, this is presenting to play the role of some sort of Creator inside of the kingdom that we are still looking and finding answers to.
Do not get me wrong, the medical industry has made MANY very successful and innovative achievements within the kingdom of health and wellness. With the help of technology and factors revolving around creating new techniques and practices that require precise measurements, accurate chemical formulas, and experts for constructing these medical breakthroughs that will continue to make progress in the subjects of science. My only complaint is to why the companies that are over these practices and laboratories will not let the advancement of this natural world come into play, into the light of its TRUE potential for the citizens of this great land – near and far. We all know if a scientific discovery has been made, this is known world-wide for the betterment for the culture and the international community together, so why can’t we make the same positive stride for the healing, feeding, housing, and environmental surplus of existence that we are capable of doing? If we had just as much enthusiasm about finding the “man-made” solution of natural entities of the natural realm for this life, the planet and her inhabitants would be doing more good for our home than adding to the abundance of negative toll and stress we create here.
This is not only about hemp, although the cannabis resource would be a very positive addition to this economy, but this about viewing our home for the better, this planet is all we have, and many do NOT have and hold that knowledge of the true stance we have while occupying this place while we are here. The time for understanding the world around you is in a desperate need, and this is only one aspect of the culture that can really help shape our world for a positive planet for today, and tomorrow’s future.

NAME News. Kingdom Sun.


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