America: An Ethnobotanist Society

America: An Ethnobotanist Society

America: An Ethnobotanist Society

“I have a vision, that one day, America’s children, no matter their race, region, or religion, will come together under the faculties of searching for knowledge, to improve this world for the better, to ensure that their children’s children will live in a society that will benefit not just from the Earth, but from each others unique ability to understand, process, and evaluate this planet that we occupy together for the power of the globe as a universal whole.”

I do hold this idea to be true, that with the rise of knowledge in the free world that is known as America, we will start to strengthen the field for future botanists of the planet, for the planet. Ethnobotany is the study of how people of a particular culture and region make of use of indigenous plants. Ethnobotanists explore how plants are used for such things as food, shelter, medicine, clothing, hunting, and religious ceremonies (Veilleux and King).

It seems that the American civilization has been under a negative influence that involves our physical characteristics of our land and tools within this planet and the effect we have on it. With our ever growing passion of industrialization, we have lost the precious insight of the planets operation, and what she is all about. The plant world is rapidly being removed and destroyed for more product building, and within these product buildings, we are fostering NEW synthetic ways and artificial solutions that take the place of the natural realm, (which is the oldest practice of healing, feeding, clothing, and running our existence).

This is why the addition of hemp to the culture will not only make new ground for what innovation is all about, but we show the world that we are willing to improve this planet for the better, for all of us now, and the future generations to come. Every one within this world has heard the saying, “eat your vegetables, or no dessert”. This idea of eating the vegetables for ensuring that your body has the proper nutrients and vitamins is what the entire operation of the plant world is about. So if we continue to cut these services, these plants, these natural tools for our survival, we not only starve ourselves of living healthy, but we cut the natural ties that this planet has originally grown for us.

The plants of the planet are not only used for the edible consumption of the human, we also have made use of natures many tools for us as well. We have taken the tree, and turned it into houses, paper, and writing utensils. We have incorporated the technique of the Native Americans by way of the California Poppy plant for the use of anxiety relief and made into a tea for nervousness and tension (Ecoist). Also, the use of plants has been a new fashion trend by way of the hemp plant, which has been said to have better qualities of that of cotton produced materials.

With a enlightening aspect of the plant world, for the body, mind, and spirit of the human being, we can only see this specific area of research and evaluation becoming one of many interests and highly debated genre in the public light. After all, it is a select study of the world on the human and its culture. Once the sights are seen about what this world is about, the respect the researchers and lab technicians have taken many, many years to master and find some common ground to this planet and the ways we should view it from a plants perspective for humans well being, American “hempster” ethnobotanists will become a larger force within the health, construction, beauty, and manufacturing realms of the human element will have general input and insights about the tools for that specific area of industry.

(Connie Veilleux and Steven R.King, Ph.D.)



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