Against Nature? = Against God*!

Against Nature? = Against God*!

Against Nature = Against God*

This planet that we dwell on is full of natural vegetation, created with the planet as a means of life, a sign that we are one with every tree, every animal you see, and the human being that is in presence around you. The evidence is clear that man is still not FULLY awake enough to realize the world that is REALLY in front of them.
Many citizens today feel and carry with them the philosophy of A God being the creator of this planet, and that “he” made it, and it was good for the ways of the operation that were seen fit. SO, if this is the case, that “his” creations are good, can we start to see an improvement of the way we see this world and the plant life within it? IF, we are created under the same light, that meaning, that we are imitations of god, and we recreate ourselves through sexual activity, what is the difference between humans using cannabis to recreate the tools and items that we need everyday, and create them in a safer, cleaner, innovative way?
This is why cannabis is and should be regulated for this economy. By allowing the plant to be utilized and made renewable through means of nursing and agriculture, we are shaping the future of industries that have been founded on this soil since the Henry Ford era of imagination and innovation. Another idea too, is that we have the technology to do SOO much, within the culture of America, but yet we have decided to take things into OUR hands, by wanting to “by-pass” nature and recreate this world as we see fit to some man-made specification.
Now at this point, it does not matter WHAT religion you follow, because this affects all religious manners in the light that we have ideals to replace the natural with the man-made, and from what the television ads, and medical journals read, we have call backs to certain medicines and even some court cases are filed as actions to negative affects from products.
Granted, we are trying to make gains in the field of medicine, but when something has been used (especially with medicine) for over thousands of years, that should tell you that this product is REALLY great to get your company endorsing and using for your patients. It is like this, a Creator has blessed this land with the opportunities to make something POSITIVE happen for all of mankind to reap the reward, but were are holding each other back with outdated tools, ideas, and mental mind states. Enough is enough. I am ready to put Mother Earth into 5th gear and let this planet ride out like she is suppose to – creating things, and innovating even more.

*God here goes for ALL written, talked about, or discussed “HIGHER” energy, substance, or vibration that governs the minds of many alike who choose to follow behind a Deity
(God, Allah, Jah, Yahweh, etc.).


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