Blogazine: Back Cover “Nude in the Distance of a Promenade”

  “Nude in the Distance of a Promenade” – To the human reading this at this very time of your existence, if you do not walk away with anything else from reading the following, just take this message with you, “you are awesome, important, and worth it”. – – Blogging in the Rain: Welp. Damn. … Continue reading

Blogazine: “She’s Going the Distance” – Front Cover

  **Warning – is very key that you follow your local / regional traffic laws. Track driving, street driving and solar driving are three different and very complex additions to moving and transporting. Please, drive safely and cautiously at your own risk** – – I simply missed blogging like this, so, I wanted to try … Continue reading

NAME Blogazine: 8 “I’m Hungry”

NAME Blogazine: 8 “I’m Hungry”

I begin this blogazine with the following quotes: I Love You, and you cannot stop me from doing that My second quote, comes from an extremely talented, gifted and passionate artist, “Ash”, I don’t grind for better… I grind for purpose   The New Bloos:  Jazz Men and Backdrop   “Life is like playing a … Continue reading