[Image] TERRACYCLE: The “RE / UP” of Cycling

http://www.terracycle.com/en-US/pages/about-us.html When you hear the word, “upcycle”, what do you think of? (Yea, exactly) TERRACYCLE is a recycling and upcycling company out to transform the way humans around the world deal, manage, and look at waste. Taking your trash, and turning it into IMPROVED and INNOVATED products, could be the future of worldwide waste within … Continue reading

I write…

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because that’s what I’ve been doing for the past eleven or so years. Or is it because that’s what I enjoy doing most? Probably both. But the truth is that I’ve been writing (or pretending to write) for quite some time now. It’s more than just a habit, or a…

Are We Out of Big Ideas?

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“The Gods have died!”, the villagers cried. “What should we do? Mourn? Grieve? Plead?”, the Chief asked the Priest, desperate. “No”, said the Priest, looking at the sky, afraid. ** Here’s a tiny question. Are we idearupt? As in: bankrupt of great ideas? Go ahead. Name me an “ism” that still…

Wait, Humans are Satellite Dishes?

*Some terms and associations may be off. Bare with me, people. You see a satellite dish, this dish’s signal is traveling to SPACE, people. Space. Then, from space, the LARGER satellite (that is in SPACE) is sending a signal down that comes BACK to the dish that you see before you. Now, from this dish … Continue reading