I write…

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because that’s what I’ve been doing for the past eleven or so years. Or is it because that’s what I enjoy doing most? Probably both. But the truth is that I’ve been writing (or pretending to write) for quite some time now. It’s more than just a habit, or a…

Are We Out of Big Ideas?

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“The Gods have died!”, the villagers cried. “What should we do? Mourn? Grieve? Plead?”, the Chief asked the Priest, desperate. “No”, said the Priest, looking at the sky, afraid. ** Here’s a tiny question. Are we idearupt? As in: bankrupt of great ideas? Go ahead. Name me an “ism” that still…

Wait, Humans are Satellite Dishes?

*Some terms and associations may be off. Bare with me, people. You see a satellite dish, this dish’s signal is traveling to SPACE, people. Space. Then, from space, the LARGER satellite (that is in SPACE) is sending a signal down that comes BACK to the dish that you see before you. Now, from this dish … Continue reading

Generation: Warfare

“Hey.” I want to share with you this poster topic: Environmental: We humans have power to make this planet awesome, but we do not, due to various issues and “perspectives” of how to “Create” this imagiNATION. Cultural: We humans are controlled by the power of confusion and separation. If we are not united as one, … Continue reading

Earth is ALL of Ours…. (SIKE!)

As it rains outside, it is refreshing for some odd reason. This entire blog is in no way entitled to a particular religion. Let’s make that clear. This was a site for HUMANiTY, for every single human of this planet, since everyone was so keen that religious labels and titles were helping the cause for … Continue reading

Love vs War

Love vs War

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Have you ever noticed that when we greet someone and have been talking for a little we ask the other person where are they from?  We always seem curious of what environment the other person originated.  Why is it that we frequently ask that question? I have the urge to…