Novel Nugget #1: Writing Spawns MORE Writing

Working through this writing challenge has been pretty steady so far. What I have learned from the past eight days of writing, is that writing spawns more writing. I just REALLY dislike when I am writing out an idea, and a side tangent, or argument, or new direction is available, and I forget it while … Continue reading

NAME mini-MAG Launch Party [Music Video / Images]

NAME mini-MAG Launch Party [Music Video / Images]

Simply, NAME is: Writing the magazine stories that we would want to read. Making the art that we would want to make. Looking at the art that we would want to look at. Suggesting the music that we would enjoy vibing and dancing to. Daydreaming about the world we would want to pass down to … Continue reading

Letter to WordPress [Business Idea]

  Dear WordPress Team, Management, and Associates I am Matthew Johnson, a fan of your site. I really am. I was going to write this down, but hey, I figured I had nothing to lose if I wrote this for your team as well as the ‘fan’ to read. I was thinking of the ways I could apply … Continue reading

(IMAGE) [mmK] The Greatest Created Creation by Creatures of Earth

The greatest “creation”* ever on this planet, is “creating”* and sustaining a kingdom that imitates this UNIVERSAL EXISTENCE kingdom that divinely “created”* us. Playing as a deity in every aspect of the kingdom, Earth, we have the potential to write a version of code that defines the Universe’s instruction manual within Earth. Acting as one, … Continue reading