(IMAGE) [mmK] The Greatest Created Creation by Creatures of Earth

The greatest “creation”* ever on this planet, is “creating”* and sustaining a kingdom that imitates this UNIVERSAL EXISTENCE kingdom that divinely “created”* us. Playing as a deity in every aspect of the kingdom, Earth, we have the potential to write a version of code that defines the Universe’s instruction manual within Earth. Acting as one, … Continue reading

Are writers crazy?

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Or artists in general? I’m sure this is not your usual Friday type of post, and I could easily answer with another question: who isn’t? And then I could go back to writing and stuff. Instead, I’m going to write an actual post. About crazy writers. And stuff. So here…

Battery Design & Innovation News

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1. A new design using a mesh solar panel creates a cleaner and more efficient ‘solar battery’. “The university would license the solar battery to industry, where Yiying Wu, professor of chemistry and biochemistry at Ohio State, said it would help tame the costs of renewable energy. The researchers believe…