After Hours: part 3

One must realize that men and women control this planet, this man-made realm of reality that is used for production, operation, and livable situations involving the enterprise that is human development. I have ALWAYS said that we humans imitate these Deities, so what is now lacking from the rest of the world? Hard to say, … Continue reading

10 Reasons Why I Think Society is S*!t

1. The dumbing down of the spiritual focus of our planet in relation to humans – worldwide 2. Religious arguments over the same energy of praise that supports ALL life on this planet – no matter your race, region or relation 3. Governments workin’ societies due to not being “united” factions of their particular region … Continue reading

The UGLY Paradigm

The UGLY Paradigm I am a human being of the planet Earth. It seems to me, within my own universe of understanding of my mind, I was given opposite information of the spiritual world that is around me. I grew up a religious kid, being from the ‘bible belt’ region of the United States, and … Continue reading